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At an elevation of 1743 meters (5720 feet), the volcano-like Mount Dirfys in the heart of Evia will amaze adventure seekers and hikers. Download the Mt. Dirfys topoGuide here, complete with 13 hiking routes, 2 MTB routes, 2 marathon race routes and an SUV tour. Easy and moderate trails available, including challenging mountain ascents over a total length of 70 km (43 miles). The detailed offline maps, in-depth information, pop-up photos and points of interest were compiled in 2016.

A brief idea about hiking in Central Evia

Central Evia’s diverse geographical features make it a convenient area for those looking to get out on the trails not far from the island’s capital. Towards the western side along the Euboean Gulf, seaside walks along level paths are ideal for hikers looking for a more leisurely route. The landscape becomes more dramatic to the east, with the Dirfis Mountain and Havos Gorge providing more challenging walks within some of Evia’s most beautiful scenery. At the southern end of the island’s center, Lake Dystos and the surrounding area are great places for those looking to combine hiking with bird watching and photography.


Dafni-Melouna                                                 Time: 2 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

This route in central Evia’s northern section snakes its way from the small village of Dafni along the coast of the northern Euboean Gulf and ends at the Cape of Melouna.

Stroponon Gorge – Chiliadou                           Time: 4 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

One of the most scenic routes on the island, the journey through the Stroponon Gorge has everything, from a canopy of trees above, gurgling streams below, and a variety of fauna and flora all around. Hikers have the opportunity to take a dip in the river at its deeper sections, and everyone will appreciate the amazing beach of Chiliadou set against the backdrop of a large cliff.


Lamari – Chiliadou                                            Time: 2 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

Starting just north of Dirfys Mountain, this mostly downhill hike leaves the small village of Lamari and continues northward to the superlative beach of Chiliadou.

Dirfy Mountain Refuge – Xerovouni Mountain       Time: 2.5 hours        Difficulty: Easy

Though it may sound challenging, walking the route from Dirfy Mountain to Xerovouni Mountain is actually quite relaxing and scenic. Hikers will pass small rivers and a village or two along the way.

Agali Gorge – Dirfy Mountain Refuge               Time: 5.5/6 hours    Difficulty: Moderate

For those looking for a more challenging route, this path is a great choice. The start of the trail starts outside the village of Agios Athanasios, just south of the Dirfis Mountain. Walkers enter the gorge and begin a scenic journey through the narrow passage, passing waterfalls (during the winter and spring), riverbeds, caves, and scenic c villages along the way. After 5.5/6 hours of walking, the Dirfy Mountain Refuge comes into sight and walkers can take a well-deserved rest here before departing.

Steni-Dirfy Mountain Refuge                           Time: 2.5 hours                 Difficulty: Easy

Walkers along this route will begin their journey from the town of Steni and head northwest towards the Refuge. The path is characterised as easy, though the last section of the trail is mainly uphill.


Andronianoi-Metochi                                        Time: 6 hours                    Difficulty: Easy

The lovely village of Androniani just west of Kymi is the starting point of this lengthy but worthwhile hike through Mavrovouni Mountain and on to the village of Metochi.

Other Activities for Central Evia

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