The large prefecture of Arkadia offers fantastic hiking opportunities for all levels, thanks to its verdant mountains, rivers, gorges and coasts. One such interesting three-hour hike is in the Lousios gorge with stops at the historical monasteries and the area’s archaeological sites (such as the Hidden school, Timiou Prodromou Monastery and Gortina). Another area worth hiking in is the mountainous region of North Kinouria. Mount Lykaion at Ano Karyes is 1,421 meters high, and takes about an hour to climb.


Attractions include the Mostos Lagoon and biotope, located near Koutroufa, as well as the dam and artificial lake of Ladonas. Also check out the Lepidas waterfall in Platanos and the gorge of Zarbanitsa.

Congratulations to Agnantio Studios and its parent company Living Country in the region of Arcadia for its hard work in supporting the new Menalon Trail in the Peloponnese.
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An organization that is active on the environmental front, in addition to organizaing hiking and mountain-climbing tours (S.A.O.O. in Greek)
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If you love nature and wish to explore Leonidio’s magnificent surroundings go on a hike with walk4fun. Visit the monasteries Of Panagia Eleona and Prophet Elias and discover the gorges around the region.
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