Hiking in Alonnisos

Alonissos is full of old hiking paths that have been revived for the hiker's pleasure. Most are adequately documented, but efforts are needed to refresh the signage and clear some of the paths. The works of the Danish philhellene, Bente Keller, and her Greek husband Elias Tsoukanas must be acknowledged in their efforts to promote hiking on the island. Keller wrote the very informative book "Alonissos on Foot" about hiking on the island that can be bought from their art shop Gallery 5 on the upper edge of Palia Alonissos, a leisurely walk from the village's main square.


In the book, Keller highlights the varied landscape, scented herbs, dense pine woods, oaks, cedar, Arbutus strawberry trees and others, as well as the stunning views, local restaurant stops and beaches. "The beaches around Palia Alonnisos and Patitiri can be reached on foot within 15 to 45 minutes" she says. Keller outlines 13 different easy hikes around Palia Alonnisos from 25 minutes to 2.5 hours, followed by hikes that start from Patitiri and take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours. The longest and most challenging hikes on the island, taking up to 7.5 hours, are detailed at the end of the book. Hikers should definitely buy it as soon as they land on the island.


Lastly, it is worth mentioning that hiking can also be enjoyed on the uninhabited islands of Kyra Panagia, Skantzoura and Peristera. Some tourist offices in the harbour of Patitiri may offer guided hikes.

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