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Northern Evia is a hot spring hot spot. Its thermal baths have been known and sought after since antiquity due to their rich mineral qualities which provide relief and therapy to the thousands visiting them annually. Most of these are in and around the coastal retreat of Aidipsos (Edipsos) though there are several sprinkled throughout the region. The area owes its rich thermal activity due to the deep rifts within its underground rock sheets. The result is over 80 springs within Aidipsos alone, making it one of the world’s most visited thermal bath destination. Ranging anywhere from 28º to 86ºC, the high levels of iron, sulphur, calcium, radon and magnesium present within the waters, treat a long list of ailments, including arthritis, migraines, circulatory problems, gynaecological diseases and disorders, dermatological ailments, muscular-skeletal disorders, and a host of other health problems.


Springs can be seen throughout the town and some are found along the coast, open to anyone wishing to bathe in its waters. Bath houses and resorts have been built around several, requiring a fee in order to visit. Several of the hotels and resorts offer a variety of modern treatments in conjunction with the spring waters and some have a doctor on site available for consultations. The municipality runs a bath house which offers affordable soaks to Greeks and foreigners alike. 

Are you ready for the Thermae Sylla experience? There are very few spas like this in the world, named after the Roman General Sulla who bathed there. The beneficial thermal spring waters that spout under the hotel boast unparalleled healing properties.
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Eighty-four individual spas along with large interior and exterior pools are housed in the newly built complex of Aidipsos’ public baths. Special customized treatments targeting the neck and limbs are also available as well as a movement therapy pool and gym.
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