Spa / Health Tourism in Lesvos

Lesvos’ world-famous thermal spas are some of the best in Greece, so if you also want to combine some healthy thermal treatments along with your sports adrenalin highs, this is the perfect island for you. 

These therapeutic springs are ideal for anyone who wants to ease their muscles and enjoy a wonderful locale. Lesvos’ many hot springs puts the island on the map when it comes to alternative tourism, and the Agios Giannis hot springs contain many beneficial minerals.
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When you explore this beautiful medieval village and its enchanting castle and artsy ateliers, stop by the hot springs. Their temperature, ranging from 43-46˚C, is ideal for many ailments as well. These springs are popular and a vibrant part of tourism in Lesvos.
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These mineral springs will astound you with their calming effects and wonderful infrastructure. They date back centuries, so you can combine your therapeutic dip with a look back in history. Admire the building as you rest, and enjoy the high quality mineral springs.
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If you want to experience a one-of-a-kind thermal dip, Polichnitos Thermal Springs are the ideal place. They boast the hottest temperatures in Europe for thermal springs and are chlorinated to optimal levels of radioactivity. You’ll also love their rustic local and stone-built infrastructure.
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With temperatures stable at around 40˚C, these hot springs contain many therapeutic minerals that help with a variety of ailments. Enjoy the wonderful scenery and the close proximity to the island’s capital as it’s an extra incentive to put these springs on your itinerary.
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