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Hot Springs of Lefkada Glaredo

Near the village of Glaredo a few kilometres west of Agios Kyrikos lie the thermal springs of Thero and Hilio-Thermo. The municipality has used large boulders to section off the coastal springs from the sea, creating a natural pool overlooking the waves. The characteristic red-coloured sand contains properties which treat and cure several different dermatological conditions. Access to the springs is free and easy, either on foot, by bicycle, or with a vehicle, thanks to the paved road which runs just above it from Agios Kyrikos.


The island of Ikaria is an area which has been well-endowed with geothermal activity. This is due to its unique tectonic structure and geological formations, which have blessed the island with a number of naturally-occurring hot springs, whose nutrient-rich waters have their source under the seafloor and are carried to the surface via system of cracks and leaks. The temperature of the water found within the springs ranges anywhere from 310 – 580 degrees celsius. The radiation of the springs, mainly in the form of radon is highly beneficial to the human body, and Ikaria's springs are some of the most radioactive in the world. Most of the island's springs can be found along the northeast and southeast coasts and several hydrotherapy centres operate in the areas of Therma and Agios Kyrikos.

Thermal Springs of Asklipios – Agios Kyrikos

The public Hydrotherapy centre of Asklipios is located within Ikaria's capital city of Agios Kyrikos, next to the police station. All four hydrotherapy centres have been completely remodeled and represent some of the country's most modern thermal spring treatment centres. Fully equipped with ramps, the springs are accessible to all visitors. Well-trained personnel can be found at each centre, offering their expertise and assistance to address any need which may arise.

The Apollo Municipality Centre of Hydrotherapy is located in the village's central square, near the bus stop across from the sandy beach. You'll know you've arrived when you see the large statue of Apollo's son, Ascleipios, which dominates the entrance.
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The Kratsa private centre of Hydrotherapy is located within a small alleyway in Therma, just before reaching the beach.
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The public spring is located inside a natural cave on the beach of Therma, right next to the marina.
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