Small Hotels - Guest Houses in Zakynthos (Zante)

You're going to fall in love with this little family guesthouse as soon as you walk through the gates. Set on a hill among ancient olive trees with a view all the way to the Ionian Sea, this gem of a hotel is set in Agia Marina, one of the most traditional villages in Zakynthos.
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Finding an attractive resort with a large pool that is also eco-friendly and offers good value for money is not an easy task, but the Zefyros Ecoresort Hotel in Zakynthos has managed to combine all these elements beautifully.
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If you're torn between a beautiful organic farm on the hill and lazing by the Mediterranean coast, the Lithies Organic Farm and Villas in Vassilikos brings together the best of both worlds.
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The best part of travelling to a new place is experiencing the fascinating local culture, and the Therianos Villas won't let you down in this respect. These four charming villas are by Dimitris Therianos and his family who have a passion for hospitality and true Zakynthian cooking.
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Zakynthos is a true paradise for visitors that hides many of nature’s wonders and secrets. Gill Oberli from Tsivouli Park has taken it upon herself to preserve showcase the best of Zakynthos in an eco-friendly light.
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Stay in this gorgeous hotel that makes you feel like home. Feast your eyes on the spectacular view of the sea, indulge yourself in traditional dishes and try some traditional Greek dancing.
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Find tranquility, warmth and hospitality in this gorgeous family-run estate built in traditional local architecture. Offers activities like canoeing and mountain biking. Close to a sandy beach where you can swim.
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There is something magical about this farm. Relax in these quiet and comfortable houses in the middle of nature. Taste homemade products but also embark on activities such as scuba diving, water sports, and cruises.
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