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Housing up to seven people, this maisonette for rent is at the foothill of the Pieria mountains, at an altitude of 550m.
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Winter or summer, the village of Elatohori in Pieria – the province that is home to Mount Olympus – will amaze you with its serene beauty. Add the warmth of Kyria Dora (Mrs. Dora) at the Archondariki Guesthouse and you’re in for a superb mountain stay.
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Located in the heart of a thickly forested area in old Elatochori, Atrion Highland Hotel offers various kinds of suites (deluxe, superior, double), all including modern amenities.
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Just outside the village of Agios Dimitrios, the award-winning, «green» hotel Bellou Estate offers seven appartments and five double-room stone built houses at the foot of Mt Olympus.
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The village of Aghios Dimitrios is surrounded by the mountains of Olympus, Titaros and Pieria. Located in the village is the two star Dimatis Guesthouse, which has 13 rooms, including a deluxe master suite, as well as its own wine cellar.
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The two storey studio has four spaces and can host up to eight guests. The views from the studios are magical, reaching as far as the verdant forests of Pieria, with Olympus to the south and the Gulf of Thermae to the east.
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Made up of two luxurious studios, large rooms housing up to four, and double rooms, Faki Estate is a high end accommodation in Profitis Ilias, that offers luxurious and elegant comforts, ideal for a group of friends or family, at the foothills of Mt Olympus.
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With six rooms overlooking the Gulf of Thermae and Mt Olympus as well as the Aegean Sea, the inn is housed in an old stone mansion that was built at the beginning of the 20th Century.
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A year-round accommodation, Nikelli Hotel is one of Elatochori’s most chic places to stay.
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Located in the stone-built settlement of Palio Panteleimona, Kyrani prides itself on its restful atmosphere, serving guests homemade pies, trachana, jams and freshly baked bread
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The mansion is built in the old part of Elatochori at an altitude of 900m, with a spanning view of Mt. Olympus and the Pieria coastline.
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The four comfortable, self-sufficient and independent guesthouses are located across the Dion Museum, in the heart of nature.
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Semeli Resort is a sprawling accommodation with five luxury suites, 14 junior suites, and 12 standard rooms, most with a fireplace and decorated with finesse and panache.
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Summit Zero is an ideal stay for backpackers and budget travellers, offering a friendly and laid back atmosphere and clean, scenic accommodations. Rooms, (on the same floor as communal guest showers and toilets) open out onto a veranda area.
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Located in the old-fashioned settlement of Palios Panteleimonas, only 150 m from the village square, you’ll find To Hani, whose owner is a mountaineering fanatic who can assist in planning adventure sports like climbing and biking.
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Pliades invites its guests to feel at home in accommodations that combine an aesthetic reminiscent of grandma’s village home, combined with modern comforts. The restaurant serves foods based on old recipes and locally sourced ingredients, as well as offering a lage choice of wines.
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«Cultural Resort» Vaela Pallas definitely stands out in the area for its imaginative take on decor, having chosen a different theme for each room:
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This convenient house is decorated in old fashioned village style and decked out with all the necessary comforts one needs during a regenerative winter stay. Diaselon organizes many outdoors activities.
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In a quiet corner, 30m from the central square of Palio Pandeleimonas village, is Oneiro, a simple, village-style guesthouse with four double rooms, all with a fireplace, lovely views of the mountains and sea, and a little garden to relax in during warmer months.
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In lower Olympus at at altitude of 800m and overlooking the Aegean Sea, the guesthouse is set among the plain trees of the old village of Ano Skotinas. It offers two traditional stone built houses, a large one that can host up to 10 guests, and a smaller one for up to four. Organizes many outdoor activities.
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A stone-built, old style villa that blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings, the Patriko hotel has 12 suites (double and triple rooms) decorated in an understated, tasteful and traditional style, with a fireplace and a small in-house spa. Organizes many outdoor activities.
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Petropanagia is a great base for nature lovers who want to enjoy the area’s waterfalls, long walks in the forest, horseback riding and rivers, while the ski center is only five kilometers away.
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