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Kalavryta in the Peloponnese is one of Greece's prettiest villages, and the Achaiko Chorio is the perfect place to make your home while you discover the area's natural and traditional riches.
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Agnantio, which in Greek means looking from above, is the name of this superb little guesthouse with three lucky studios. Living up to its name, the stone guesthouse is built on a 1000-meter mountain with breathtaking views of the valleys below.
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There's a gorgeous village in the Peloponnese wedged between high green mountains and blue seas. In it you'll find one of the prettiest guesthouses and garden estates in the village of Leonidio, called the Agroktima.
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If you want an eco-friendly adventure by the sea, among olive groves and rolling hills of the Peloponnese, head to the two sister hotels Anniska and Liakoto in Kardamili. Both of these quaint hotels are relatively new yet built in traditional style and espouse a philosophy of sustainable tourism.
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If you've always wanted to take some time off in the middle of nature next to a small Greek village, you`re going to love Epohes Guesthouse with its organic restaurant, lying peacefully in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese.
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If you've always wanted to take some time off in the middle of nature next to a small Greek village, you`re going to love Epohes Guesthouse with its organic restaurant, lying peacefully in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese.
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It is often said that Italy's Tuscany is a beautiful unique place amid rolling hills of olive groves with a view of the Mediteranean. Yet hidden within the heart of Greece's Laconia and the Peloponnese, you will find that the hilly terrain surrounding the Eumelia organic farm is just as impressive!
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Just a few meters from the Knakion river its waterfalls near Sparta there's a magical stone guesthouse run by two good friends that will welcome you with open arms. This is a natural paradise for hikers and adventure lovers.
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Tucked away along the narrow romantic streets of Nafplio, Kyveli Suites offers you a haven of peace and relaxation amidst modern comforts and unique style.
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This gorgeous Maniot tower and its swimming pool, surrounded by rolling green valleys and the bluest of seas, is set in a stunning location. It offers ten first-class guestrooms with a traditional character, featuring AC, minibar, hairdryer and television.
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There's something very magical – almost spiritual – about the region of Arcadia and its mountains. This is where the Rocabella Hellinikon Country Hotel lies, in a traditional stone-built village that will take your breath away.
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There's good reason why Dimitra named her villa Samantha Paradise. Its magical location in a garden by the beach and within an attractive Peloponnesian village surrounded by hills makes it indeed heavenly.
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With its breathtaking green mountains, shimmering sea and blue skies, Arcadia is a magical place – and the gorgeous stone-built Smyros Resort is the perfect place to enjoy it all.
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Named after an impressive nearby mountaintop, Taleton is a fabulous eco-boutique hotel set in a lush valley against a backdrop of beautiful mountains. It is just off the main square of a picturesque little town called Xirokambi in the heart of the Peloponnese, just minutes away from the city of Sparta.
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This quaint all-suites hotel is located in one of the most popular villages of the region, Vytina. Take in the exceptional views of the surrounding area, enjoy your drinks in front of your own private fireplace, and allow yourself to be pampered.(All year round)
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Agroktima Elia, meaning Olive Farm, offers studios, apartments and one large maisonette over one and a half acres full of olive trees and with wonderful views of Nafplion. This gem offers activities such water sports, rock climbing, an ouzo tour and olive harvesting.
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Alagonia guesthouse is built in Alagonia, situated in mountainous Messinia, just at the heart of Western Taigetos mountain and only 30km from Kalamata city! Alagonia guesthouse is built at 850 m above sea level and consists of 5 small houses, each one named after a local flower!(All year round)
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Amadriades guesthouse is a traditional guesthouse in one of the most beautiful mountain cities in Greece, Kalavryta! Enjoy warmth, hospitality and tradition and be sure to come back again...
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Anthemion is located on a hill, in between trees and with a beautiful green garden. It is newly built and although it is only some hundred meters away from the old city center of Nafplio, one can sense the relaxation and enjoy the nature.(All year round)
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Built at 950 meters above sea level, Aphrodite's Inn is located in a wonderful forest with view to the city of Kalavryta. It combines tranquility and relaxation with nature and tradition.(All year round)
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Discover this traditional guesthouse in the Mountainous Arcadia right in the village center. Explore the nature and wildlife of the area by hiking through the E4 path, cycling, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, river trekking, rapelling in the Lousios River, skiing in winter and much more.
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Located at the end of the main road that runs through the Zarouchla village, Aroania hotel combines nature with tradition. Made of stone and wood mainly, Aroania offers unique accomodation in the nature with respect to history and the environment...(All year round)
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Enjoy your stay in gorgeous traditional houses in Yalassi almost 3km from ancient Epidaurus. The nearest beaches are 5 minutes away by foot. Visit the onsite winery, Ktima Athina, as well as the animal farm and olive groves.
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9 Mouses is part of a complex along with the Bacchus taverna, lying on the western side of Ilia, very close to Ancient Olympia. It offers unique accomodation in a green surrounding, excellent local food and wine in the taverna and also the opportunity for eco excursions and activities in the nearby area.(All year round)
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Both traditional and modern architecture are beautifully combined in this hotel. Hike and explore the regions of Leonidio, Kosmas, Plaka, Tyros and Astros. Visit the monasteries of Elona and St Nikolaos Sintzas, as well as the little church of St Leonidas.
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Stay in this lovely traditional yet modern complex of buildings to explore the area and enjoy the wilderness, along with the monuments, churches, and Mount. Chelmos. Perfect for skiing in winter and watersports in summer (or both in spring!).
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Located in a virgin green land, full of big trees and running waters, only a few hours from Athens and so close to the Kalavryta ski resort. Experience the tranquility in a green surrounding and taste the delicious local cherries, right from the cherry trees growing nearby...
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Elies is a traditional guesthouse built in the 14.000 sq.m. olive grove of its owner: 3 traditional homes to accomodate everyone both in summer and winter! Also, it has a taverna (Elies taverna) which is well known to the whole area for its traditional cuisine.(All year round)
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Elixirion is located near historic Itilo and Areopoli, both sites of great historical importance. The renovated building was built stone by stone by its first inhabitants. Homemade breakfast is served and the owner himself can take you on a trip in the Gulf of Lakonia.(All year round)
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Evrostini is a traditional guesthouse, situated at the most beautiful spot of the Korinthian mountains, very close to the two major ski resorts of the area (Kalavryta and Trikala Korinthias). The guesthouse is made of wood and stone from the nearby area and offers a unique home breakfast.(All year round)
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Right at the entrance of the Viros gorge, Faraggi hotel offers a unique experience of accomodation with an excellent view of the gorge and the opportunity for traditional tastes.(All year round)
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Finday Hotel is located at 850 meters above sea level, inside a stunning natural environment, up in the Achaian mountains. Ideal for relaxation and winter sports at the nearby Kalavryta ski resort! Built with stone, Finday offers exquisite accomodation and panoramic view to the town of Kalavryta!
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If you are into gastronomy this new traditionally built property focused on preserving the rich culinary tradition of the area is for you. Located beside a cheese-making facility, the guesthouse and its restaurant will certainly fill you up with genuine aromas and tastes.
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Georgios V chalet is located in a green scenery up in the mountains, 1.000m above sea level. It combines the accomodation with nature, so you can enjoy the green surroundings and the traditional style. The building is made of wood and stone.(All year round)
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This lavish hotel is located in the heart of the quaint settlement of Vytina. Inspired by traditional architecture with an eye for luxury, it is a year round destination on its own. Supplemented by the gorgeous views to the mountains, Grand Vytina lives up to its name.(All year round)
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History and tradition are in combination at Archontiko Gerofoti! Located in Lakka, the building was built back in the 19th century by the great grandfather of the current owners. Warm hospitality, delicious home-made food and wonderful style with antiques and architecture are what distinguish Archontiko Gerofoti...(All year round)
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Built on the slopes of Ziria mountain, Helydorea offers excellent view to both the sea and the mountains. It is a traditional guesthouse, where you can enjoy relaxation and nature, as well as it offers the opportunity for majestic excurions to mountainous Korinthia and other eco-activities (mountain biking, yoga etc).(All year round)
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This little hotel surrounded by greenery is a great option for hiking, lying close to both the sea and Mount Helmos. Enjoy trips to Kalavrita and Ancient Olympia. Hike through the E4 path and the Voraikos gorge. The area also has great cycling trails.
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If you are an adventure lover one of the best choices is this mountain hotel. It offers activities like trekking, archery, rafting and cycling. Swim in the nearby beaches during the warmer months and ski on the nearby slopes in winter.
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An eco friendly hotel that will allure you like a bee heading to a flower field. Full of greenery and very close to the beach. A perfect base to discover nearby Ancient Epidaurus, Mycenae and Corinth. Hike the hills around the property and visit monasteries.(Mar-Oct)
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This wonderfully restored Mansion was originally built in 1851. Voted as one of the 10 top traditional Greek breakfasts by Greece's Voyager Magazine, it offers guests the chance to experience Greek culinary tradition and old fashioned character.(All year round)
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Stay in gorgeous traditional stone-built houses that will take you back in time. Enjoy the warmth and the hospitality of the owners. Explore the near region and visit the famous Palamidi Castle.
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Discover these refuges in Dimitsana close to Lousios gorge. At an altitude of 900 meters, you’ll find six traditional built houses from stone and wood. These houses have a farm where children can ride a pony, as well as feed and pet animals on the farm. Perfect for families!
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Ktima Anastasia is located near the ancient site of Ancient Tiryntha and only 5' from the old city of Nafplio. It is built inside a peice of land which is full of olive trees and other local flora. Explore the nearby islands by boat or experience hiking in the surrounding area, following the paths.(All year round)
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In the heart of old Nafplio, the Marianna Guesthouse will delight you with its tradtional stone building, peaceful life in the middle of a colorful town and personal service.(All year round)
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Beleiko sets itself apart as soon as you set foot in Stemnitsa. Initially built to house a family, it has been restored to its previous glory. The guesthouse brings up memories of a distant past when Stemnitsa was one of the largest craftsmen's communities of the Peloponnese.(All year round)
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An escape to this wonderful eco-friendly hotel will definitely amaze you. Offers a great range of activities you could do such as mountain climbing, biking, mountain skiing and wine tours. Also, taste some delicious Greek breakfast treats.
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Built with passion by its owner, Giorgos Giannakeas, Notos hotel offers exquisite accomodation in its 14 independent houses, scattered in the estate. With respect to tradition and nature, the houses are built of wood and stone. Ask the owner for the special eco tours he organizes along with a fellow citizen of the area!
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The Oniro tis Zachlorous (Zachlorou's dream) hotel is situated in the dense forest of the Vouraikos gorge. Made of stone, it combines tradition with nature. It is very close to Kalavryta and the ski resort while just opposite the hotel is the landmark of the area, the station of the traditional train going up the mountain!(All year round)
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Enjoy your stay in this gorgeous little neoclassical hotel on a pedestrian street and with great breakfast. Visit the folk museum right across and walk up to Palamidi Castle. Remember that Mycenae and Epidaurus are pretty close to Nafplio by car.
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Petrina Theocharis is a brand new stoney guesthouse, located in Lehouri village.You can enjoy peaceful vacation or embark on tours to the nearby nature and villages. Extreme sports options, like rafting, canoe-kayak, mountainbiking are also in the menu...(All year round)
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Pigi Tarlaba hotel came from the renovation of old traditional buildings that belonged to the grandfather of the present owner. It is made of materials taken from the nearby area, like stone, marble and wood, and offers unique accomodation and local traditional food.(All year round)
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The clean air of Lakonia will delight you here at the valley below Mount Taygetus. This agro-tourism property sits amid fragrant orange groves, not far form Mystras and other important sites. Hike in Taygetus and visit the museums of Sparta. A good culinary experience is guaranteed here too.(May-Nov)
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Three cheers to the Iliakopoulos family for establishing this gorgeous stone-built "house-hotel" with a stunning sea view and amazing rooms. Long walks, the haunted stone towers of Vathia and the charming town of Areopolis await visitors to the region.
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Enjoy your stay in this traditional guesthouse located in the Tsintzina right in the center of Parnona in an altitude of 1100m. Tickle your palate with amazing homemade delicacies such as jams, pies, roster bardouniotikos. Explore the wild nature and do activities such as hiking.
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Located in the centre of Areopoli, Pyrgos Kapetanakou used to be an old commune building, built back in 1865. The building has been restored and the tower is a place of excuisite accomodation nowadays. Enjoy the traditional breakfast with fresh local products and relax in the peaceful courtyard with the old well...
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Pyrgos Zarouchlas is located at the edge of the vilalge of Zarouchla. It has a long story since it was built back in the medieval times. Later it used to be the house of one of the most profound chieftains of the Greek 1821 revolution. Nowadays, it has been renovated and offers exquisite accomodation in the nature...(All year round)
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As soon as you reach the majestic area of Koropi, you will find a beautiful Venetian villa. The previous owner was an icon painter, inspiring the name of the villa. The owners grow their own olive trees and vegetables, as well as make marvelous marmalades and sweets.
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Located on the foot of mountain Taygetos, near the sea and opposite the island of Meropi in the gulf of Messinia, Vardia offers panoramic view to the sea and unique accomodation in its independent lodgings, built inside the estate with the garden and the beautiful trees...
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Villa Georgina is located very close to Ancient Olympia and the Ionian sea, in a green estate. The eco friendliness of the lodging is reflected on the eco materials used to be built: stone and wood. Ideal spot for eco excursions and a visit to Ancient Olympia for an archaeological extravaganza.(All year round)
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Xenonas Kaza is located in the heart of Dimitsana, one of the most scenic settlements of Arcadia. Built with traditional standards and decorated with original artefacts and furniture, this guesthouse is a true jewel of the area.(All year round)
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