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Naxos is a beautiful and very eclectic island that boasts many authentic villages, hiking paths and secluded spots for ecotourism and agrotourism. One of the most outstanding properties in this respect is the Adonis Hotel in Apollonas.
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Welcome to Greek hospitality at its very best, where good traditions and modern comforts conspire to create the ultimate vacation base! From fabulous breakfasts to a friendly atmosphere, this place is a gem.
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 On Naxos Island Greece, on a beautiful hillside, overlooking the seaside town of Naxos (Chora), Grotta Hotel offers an unparalleled view of the sea and the city. It's ideal for those who crave the peace and quiet of the blue Aegean - yet desire the proximity of restaurants and night life.
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In the fertile valley surrounded by the well known orchards, 5km from the port, this hotel boasts traditional rooms and apartments equipped with kitchenettes. The tranquility of the area is memorable. (All year round)
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Four traditional stone houses await visitors to this tranquil paradise, run by biologist/ornithologist Astrid Scharlau and her winemaker/breadmaker partner, Nikos Mandilaras. There's a large garden agro-farm to enjoy and many activities. Open all year round
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Right next to the famous Venetian Castle (Kastro) of Naxos, there is a group of traditional apartments that have been decorated with a touch that reflects the island's unique way of life. The port is only 5km.(All year round)
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