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It is often said that Italy's Tuscany is a beautiful unique place amid rolling hills of olive groves with a view of the Mediteranean. Yet hidden within the heart of Greece's Laconia and the Peloponnese, you will find that the hilly terrain surrounding the Eumelia organic farm is just as impressive!
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Just a few meters from the Knakion river its waterfalls near Sparta there's a magical stone guesthouse run by two good friends that will welcome you with open arms. This is a natural paradise for hikers and adventure lovers.
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This gorgeous Maniot tower and its swimming pool, surrounded by rolling green valleys and the bluest of seas, is set in a stunning location. It offers ten first-class guestrooms with a traditional character, featuring AC, minibar, hairdryer and television.
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Named after an impressive nearby mountaintop, Taleton is a fabulous eco-boutique hotel set in a lush valley against a backdrop of beautiful mountains. It is just off the main square of a picturesque little town called Xirokambi in the heart of the Peloponnese, just minutes away from the city of Sparta.
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Elixirion is located near historic Itilo and Areopoli, both sites of great historical importance. The renovated building was built stone by stone by its first inhabitants. Homemade breakfast is served and the owner himself can take you on a trip in the Gulf of Lakonia.(All year round)
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The clean air of Lakonia will delight you here at the valley below Mount Taygetus. This agro-tourism property sits amid fragrant orange groves, not far form Mystras and other important sites. Hike in Taygetus and visit the museums of Sparta. A good culinary experience is guaranteed here too.(May-Nov)
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Three cheers to the Iliakopoulos family for establishing this gorgeous stone-built "house-hotel" with a stunning sea view and amazing rooms. Long walks, the haunted stone towers of Vathia and the charming town of Areopolis await visitors to the region.
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Enjoy your stay in this traditional guesthouse located in the Tsintzina right in the center of Parnona in an altitude of 1100m. Tickle your palate with amazing homemade delicacies such as jams, pies, roster bardouniotikos. Explore the wild nature and do activities such as hiking.
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Located in the centre of Areopoli, Pyrgos Kapetanakou used to be an old commune building, built back in 1865. The building has been restored and the tower is a place of excuisite accomodation nowadays. Enjoy the traditional breakfast with fresh local products and relax in the peaceful courtyard with the old well...
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