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Kythira is a magic island in many respects, and Pyrgos House is the ultimate place to discover its beauty through hiking and other activities, thanks to Frank, the eco-friendly Dutch philhellene and owner of this magnificently authentic place.
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Located in a scenic medieval neighborhood, Abramis is housed in the complex of a former mansion. And should you decide to head out, the surrounding area will provide with a great variety of hikes and other activities to choose from.(All year round)
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Pitsinades is a complex of old stone houses, which have been marvelously refurbished. Plain décor and built-in beds provide guests with a good insight of how life used to be in Kythera 150 years ago.
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Porfyrousa offers traditional accommodation in one of the most scenic villages of the island, but it is more than just an agrotouristic destination. It is a vibrant organic working farm, striving to keep the Greek agricultural tradition alive.
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This family hotel right on the sandy beach of Diakofti espouses traditional architecture. Just one km from the small airport and 8 km from the port, this place offers great local breakfasts with homemade jams, cheese pies and rice pudding.
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This guesthouse will surely amaze you with its clean cut Kithiran architecture, and its contemporary interior design. A combination that surpasses expectations, perfectly supplemented by the heritage site of Aroniatika, where it is located.
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Villa Lemonia is a secret gem of Kythera, catering for the discerning traveler who likes to explore. Exquisite views, traditional architecture and modern aesthetics fill your senses in a pallet full of colours and smells.(Jun-Sept)
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A traditional guesthouse which stands proudly at the top of a hill, providing its guests with ample ‘Light and Space’ (Fos ke Choros in Greek) If you stay here you will also enjoy a huge array of culinary, hiking, agrotouristic suggestions by the owners.(Mar-Dec)
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