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You're going to fall in love with this little family guesthouse as soon as you walk through the gates. Set on a hill among ancient olive trees with a view all the way to the Ionian Sea, this gem of a hotel is set in Agia Marina, one of the most traditional villages in Zakynthos.
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You're going to fall in love with this part of Corfu, arguably the most 'Venetian' island of Greece. Casa Lucia artfully combines Greco-Italian flavor of this island with an array of great activities such as horseback riding, cycling and cooking authentic Corfiot recipes.
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Finding an attractive resort with a large pool that is also eco-friendly and offers good value for money is not an easy task, but the Zefyros Ecoresort Hotel in Zakynthos has managed to combine all these elements beautifully.
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Magnificent Mediterranean views, a most hospitable team, excellent reviews and green certifications make Ideales Resort one of the best choices on Cephalonia. From private eco pools to the nearby hiking paths, you’re going to love this place!
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If you're torn between a beautiful organic farm on the hill and lazing by the Mediterranean coast, the Lithies Organic Farm and Villas in Vassilikos brings together the best of both worlds.
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Kythira is a magic island in many respects, and Pyrgos House is the ultimate place to discover its beauty through hiking and other activities, thanks to Frank, the eco-friendly Dutch philhellene and owner of this magnificently authentic place.
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The best part of travelling to a new place is experiencing the fascinating local culture, and the Therianos Villas won't let you down in this respect. These four charming villas are by Dimitris Therianos and his family who have a passion for hospitality and true Zakynthian cooking.
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Zakynthos is a true paradise for visitors that hides many of nature’s wonders and secrets. Gill Oberli from Tsivouli Park has taken it upon herself to preserve showcase the best of Zakynthos in an eco-friendly light.
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Located in a scenic medieval neighborhood, Abramis is housed in the complex of a former mansion. And should you decide to head out, the surrounding area will provide with a great variety of hikes and other activities to choose from.(All year round)
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Experience the calmness of this place and get in touch with the nature all around you in the property’s amazing gardens full of greenery, olive trees and beautiful flowers. Just two-minutes away from the beach too!
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An ideal retreat for those seeking peaceful holidays. Close to the sandy beach of Ammes in Svoronata village. A complex surrounded by local and tropical plans and birds offering lots of activities such as jogging, walking, cycling, windsurfing, fishing and diving.
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This 7-acre fully-functioning farm welcomes guests into organic farm life. Fall in love with Corfu’s cuisine and delicious wines as you’ll enjoy organic meals made with the freshest ingredients grown by the family that owns Bioporos. Farm animals will entertain kids.
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Great gardens and breathtaking sunsets await you at Casa Kounopetra, named after a wondrous geological rock in the area. The property is ideal for kids and has a play area, and it’s also close to the beach best known for its red sands and nearby clay formations.
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Dionas studios will allure with its majestic view of the natural beauty at the foothills of Mount Ainos. Enjoy the greenery near the beach of Lourdas. Hike around, head to the nearby spring of Paliofournos, check out the huge plane tree in the square of Lourdata Village and visit the Sissia Monastery.
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A majestic place filled with the mystery of Kefallonian culture and history. Try your hand at picking olives or making wine, depending on the season. A great agrotourism opportunity and lots of tasty freebies.
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Stay in this gorgeous hotel that makes you feel like home. Feast your eyes on the spectacular view of the sea, indulge yourself in traditional dishes and try some traditional Greek dancing.
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Stay in a 17th century Venetian mansion away from all the noise. Taste local dishes like ‘rooster pastitsada’ and ‘bourdeto’, as well as homemade wine. Offers activities such as trekking, sea sports, scuba diving and horseback riding.
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Discover this magnificent guesthouse just meters from Assos beach. Definitely one of your best choices if you’re seeking a peaceful friendly environment. Surrounded by a wonderful green garden.
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Pitsinades is a complex of old stone houses, which have been marvelously refurbished. Plain décor and built-in beds provide guests with a good insight of how life used to be in Kythera 150 years ago.
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Porfyrousa offers traditional accommodation in one of the most scenic villages of the island, but it is more than just an agrotouristic destination. It is a vibrant organic working farm, striving to keep the Greek agricultural tradition alive.
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Relax in the tranquility of the area around these six traditional stone and wood build studios and four apartments. Get close to the nature by watching birds and reveal in the sight of wild flowers. Enjoy barbeque nights and swim in the pool.
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Just 15km from Lefkada town lies a captivating traditional hotel. Enjoy the breathtaking mountain view and explore the gorgeous village of Karya. Kathisma beach is only 16km, perfect for a swim!
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Studios in Argostoli represent a lovely, quiet and friendly environment that will fascinate you and make you feel like you’re at home. Great restaurants, greenery, award-winning beaches and local attractions such as the lighthouse nearby.
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Find tranquility, warmth and hospitality in this gorgeous family-run estate built in traditional local architecture. Offers activities like canoeing and mountain biking. Close to a sandy beach where you can swim.
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A magnificent historic guesthouse villa and also museum (by appointment) named after satirical Greek poet George Molfetas. The heritage building and garden were renovated with a strong eco-friendly philosophy. A must for both culture lovers and adventurers.
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There is something magical about this farm. Relax in these quiet and comfortable houses in the middle of nature. Taste homemade products but also embark on activities such as scuba diving, water sports, and cruises.
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This family hotel right on the sandy beach of Diakofti espouses traditional architecture. Just one km from the small airport and 8 km from the port, this place offers great local breakfasts with homemade jams, cheese pies and rice pudding.
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These two traditional stone villas will captivate you. Experience rural activities and taste homemade wine that will tickle your palate. others activities near the area of Sami include hiking, cycling, horse-riding, water sports, day tours and local festivals.
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A marvelously refurbished 18th century stone-built mansion, surrounded by greenery and wildlife. Feast yourself on the breakfast-brunch buffet. Embark on activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, wine tours and tennis.
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This guesthouse will surely amaze you with its clean cut Kithiran architecture, and its contemporary interior design. A combination that surpasses expectations, perfectly supplemented by the heritage site of Aroniatika, where it is located.
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Discover this beautiful guesthouse surrounded in greenery and very close to the beach. The hotel serves delicious local treats for breakfast. Explore the area and embark on activities such as canoeing, riding, cycling and fishing.
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Escape to this eco-friendly hotel and let it overwhelm you with its warmth and hospitality. Ideal for families and children. Taste some great homemade delicacies and traditional dishes from Corfu.
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An eco-friendly farm that suitable for all ages. Discover the sites nearby that will amaze you and make you appreciate rural life. Offers relaxation and opportunities to embark on activities such as sailing, organic cultivation, mountain biking, and paragliding.
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Beautiful spacious apartments ideal for families and couples. Enjoy your meal with homemade products that will tickle your palate. Enjoy participating in the olive harvest, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and tours to nearby islands.
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Villa Lemonia is a secret gem of Kythera, catering for the discerning traveler who likes to explore. Exquisite views, traditional architecture and modern aesthetics fill your senses in a pallet full of colours and smells.(Jun-Sept)
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A traditional guesthouse which stands proudly at the top of a hill, providing its guests with ample ‘Light and Space’ (Fos ke Choros in Greek) If you stay here you will also enjoy a huge array of culinary, hiking, agrotouristic suggestions by the owners.(Mar-Dec)
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