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The region known as “Zagorohoria” is comprised of 46 traditional villages surrounded by the Mitisikeli, Pindos and Timfi mountain ranges. The area has been conveniently divided into Eastern, Western and Central Zagori, with the most popular villages being Mikro and Megalo Papingo, Aristi, Monodendri and Kipi. 

In one of Zagori's oldest villages which is still going strong today, Orestis House will surprise you with its authenticity, warmth, delicious restaurant and the opportunities it offers to nature-loving travelers.
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The area of Zagori, with its stone-built houses, abundant nature and age-old traditions, is like no other place in Greece. In its midst lies the picturesque little village of Ano Pedina, home to the Primoula Country Hotel & Spa, a delightful boutique property that will enchant you in a myriad of ways.
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The Hotel Archontiko Zarkada is located at the edge of the Vikos Gorge in the centre of picturesque Monodendri. (All year round)
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Here’s a magnificent traditional yet modern style boutique hotel. Relax and enjoy the tranquility of this very unique area in Greece. Hiking, rafting-kayaking, horseback riding are some of the activities that the area provides.
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The nine rooms and suite of the Archontiko Dilofo are nestled cosily in the village of Dilofos. The rooms are housed in a large stone building dating back to the mid 15th century and come complete with fireplaces and exceptional examples of Zagorian design.
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This stately mansion built in the impressive local style in Metsovo, one of Greece's most traditional villages and architectural masterpiece. Try the amazing local buffet breakfast and local wines. Visit Metsovo's museums, Aoos lake and Valia Calda national park.
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The light airy rooms of this traditional inn are conveniently located in front of the central square of Metsovo. Wooden furniture and colourful rugs adorn the 3 studios which include modern comforts such as TVs, kitchenettes and internet access.(All year round)
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Romance and mystery ooze through this traditional stone building which was built just over a century ago in the village of Dikorfo Zagori. The four rooms and suites are the perfect destination for those looking to travel back in time.(May-Oct)
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If you seek both traditional with modern facilities this guesthouse is a great choice. The restaurant serves dishes with home-grown produce and free range animals. Take up activities like trekking, hiking and horseback-riding.
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The twelve rooms of the Dias Traditional Inn offer a cosy atmosphere and act as a great base for exploring the area’s highlights, such as Drakolimni and the Voidomatis River. Has fireplaces and the guests can enjoy their complimentary breakfast in the Inn's garden.
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Escape to nature in Zagorochoria and stay in one of its beautiful boutique hotels. Explore the region and feel the warmth and hospitality that this hotel offers. Activities in the area include river rafting, mountain biking and horseback riding.
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On the edge of the picturesque village of Metsovo, Arax Hotel offers 12 rooms featuring traditional wooden furniture and decor. Guests can enjoy wonderful views of Mt. Pindos from their balconies or enjoy coffee or a drink in front of the lit fireplace of the hotel’s reception area.(All year round)
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An unparalleled guesthouse located in Kato Pedina, Central Zagori, just a few meters away from the local tavern/coffee shop in the village square. Ideal for activities such as trekking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting and tours of cultural and historical monuments. The tranquility of the region will take your breath away.
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Centrally located within the village of Syrakko stands this renovated stone house which has been converted into comfortable rooms which have held on to local style and tradition. The rooms offer beautiful views over Tzoumerka and guests can enjoy traditional recipes.
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Guests staying at this traditional stone hotel within the village of Aristi will enjoy views of the Vikos Gorge and Astrakas Peaks from the comfort of their cosy rooms. The hotel is conveniently located for nature lovers wanting to explore the gorge and hike. (All year round)
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Wine connoisseurs and style conscious travellers will find refuge at the Katogi Averoff Hotel and winery in Metsovo. The hotel has been decorated with local and traditional style. Enjoy the picturesque alleyways of the village and the culture inside the hotel.
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Nestled within the Tzoumerka mountain range lie these 19 charming cabins spread out over 4.5 hectares of greenery. Each "house" is fully equipped and has its own restaurant with delicacies made from local products.
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Enjoy this traditional guesthouse with eight suites. Homemade ingredients used for food and wines that will tickle your tongue. Outdoor Activities are offered such as rafting, trekking, canyoning, mountain climbing and mountain biking.
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Colourful rooms and cheerful service greet guests as they enter the Konstantinos and Eleni Traditional Inn located in Monodendri. All rooms feature traditional Zagorian architecture and decor as well as fireplaces and antique furniture.
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On the outskirts of the village Kipi, Mahalas Hotel provides its guests with authentic Zagorian hospitality in one of its 11 independent apartments. All accommodations include a fireplace, kitchenettes, satellite TV and hand-crafted light fixtures and iron furniture.
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Stay in this lovely traditional and cozy guesthouse in Kalarrytes. Enjoy breathtaking views of the region and revel in a generous breakfast. Visit the famous monastery of Kipina which is located right in the middle of a cliff.
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Here’s a dreamy hotel that is open all year round with breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes and landscapes. Savor homemade and traditional dishes. Hike in the Vikos Gorge or in Lake Drakolimni. Kayaking and rafting also available!
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You’ll love these gorgeous four studios that are ideal for families. Explore the area and embark on activities like canyoning and trekking. Savor homemade delicacies at breakfast including fresh fruit, freshly baked bread, country eggs, local cheeses.
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The Pramanta Mountain Refuge lies just beneath Mt. Stongoulas within the Tzoumerka Mountain Range and offers clean and comfortable housing that makes a great base for exploring the rest of the region. Also, has a yard to enjoy view of the mountains.
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The 3 traditional apartments housed in the stone Kalentzi Mansion date back to 1833. Environmentally-friendly and operates on power generated from solar panels. Relax and enjoy with the warmth from the fireplace. Suitable for families and mountain bike lovers.
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As soon as you get to this place the view will thrill you, with three beautiful traditionally built houses. Lots of activities are on offer like trekking, hiking, rafting, canyoning, horseback-riding and last but not least a tour to the beautiful region of Zagoria.
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Translated as “Melina’s dollhouse”, guests could easily believe they had entered a real dollhouse on arrival. The 7 colorful rooms featuring wooden ceilings, fireplaces and thick rugs transport guest back in time. The hotel offers homemade recipes. (All year round)
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This 100year old stone building and former school has been transformed into a charming hotel featuring 9 rooms and offering fine views over the picturesque village of Syrrako. Has fireplaces in all rooms, a restaurant and a bar with traditional delicacies.
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Just outside the village of Vovousa lies the Mountain Refuge of Valia Kalda at the foot of Mt. Tsouka Rossa. Perfect for families, groups and nature enthusiasts who can explore the surrounding mountains and engage in several outdoor activities.(Apr-Oct)
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The 8 wooden suites within Villa Rustica are the perfect retreat into nature for families, couples and groups of friends. The villa offers breathtaking views of the Aoos Gorge as well as Gamilas Peak. Nature lovers will love the endless excursions and hiking trails.
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The 4 quaint and cosy rooms of the Virginia Guesthouse have been built with respect to traditional Zagorian style, complete with colorful wooden ceilings, fireplaces and furniture. The hotel offers breakfast made with local products.
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