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At the foothills of Mount Kallidromo, which lies about two hours away from Athens, there was once a group of four small cities called Tetrapolis, representing the first settlements from Ancient Greece's Doric era.(All year round)
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The mountain village of Pavliani with a nearby forest and lush greenery is one of the most attractive spots in Central Greece. Vasilikia Mountain Farm & Retreat is the most ideal spot to discover the area's magic.
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Being a working farm, Amfikaia offers you a chance to experience the legendary Greek hospitality, in a way rarely seen anymore. Embracing tradition and looking forward to the future, its accommodation, food and activities are a true pleasure to the mind and soul.(All year round)
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This charming century old working farm offers cozy, traditional style accommodation. Built with traditional techniques and materials, it handily offers an insight to Greek style farm life. And if you are in need for more action, the slopes of Mount Parnassos eagerly await you just a few minutes away.(All year round)
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This centuries old mansion house has been restored to its former glory, respectfully joining the rest of the mansions of the Amfiklia traditional settlement. Your options here are limitless, ranging from amazing lakes, forests and hiking trails to the hustle and bustle of the busiest ski-centre of Greece.(All year round)
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Pitharia is perfectly located to pleasantly quiz you as to what to choose; sea or mountain? Whatever your choice, you will have a great opportunity to explore the rich traditions and customs of the area, surrounded by idyllic scenery and heavenly nature.(All year round)
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Nested between mountains, Kiriaki offers limitless choices to the traveler wishing to explore the outdoors. Enjoy your officially certified Greek Breakfast and get ready to ramble; hiking, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding are just a few of your options.(All year round)
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A home away from home, Gorgiani guesthouse will make sure that you feel well taken care off at all times. Its location is perfect to explore the surrounding picturesque villages, and their abundant festivals reviving old customs and traditions of the area.(All year round)
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Enjoy traditional hospitality at this quaint family owned and run guesthouse. Katerina guesthouse serves as a great starting point for numerous hiking trails to the peaks of Mount Iti, also known as the Mount of Flowers.(All year round)
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Livadaki is situated in a beautiful meadow, amongst age-long fir trees up in Mount Velouchi. It offers tasteful accommodation to travellers interested in exploring the attractions, as well as the various options for outdoor activities in the area.(All year round)
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If you seek tranquility this property – just a couple of minutes from the residences are amazing only 5klm from the Maliakos Kolpos. Are located close to the springs of the Hot Gates and Kamenon Vourlon. The region is ideal for climbing and hiking.
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