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Just sit back and relax in this peace of heaven on the island of Evia. Tucked between sea and mountain, the Filion Eco Hotel will heal your soul. Great gastronomy, bioclimatic architecture and natural attractions not far from Athens airport!
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Southern Evia has fascinating natural attractions that are unknown by foreign tourists, making it a great destination for ecotourism. In the little seaside town of Marmari near Karystos, Ktima Nikola represents the perfect hub to discover the region.
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There's something magically Mediterranean about being in a garden right next to the sea. The Petit Village is a friendly family run property that offers a natural seaside escape, complete with an eco-friendly salt-water pool.
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Are you ready for the Thermae Sylla experience? There are very few spas like this in the world, named after the Roman General Sulla who bathed there. The beneficial thermal spring waters that spout under the hotel boast unparalleled healing properties.
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Lying tranquilly in the green valleys of Evia island, the Vasiliki Guesthouse offers a superb escape into both nature and tradition. Inner Evia is untouched by mass tourism and this family property is a great starting point to discover it.
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If you've never been to Northern Evia you don't know what you're missing. The two Averoff mansions are a great base for family or friends to discover the beauty, nature and serenity of this secret paradise, untouched by mass tourism.
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Our small family hostel offers traditional and ecotourist accommodation combined with modern. Includes activities such as horseback riding, hiking, weaving and handicrafts.(All year round)
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A charming resort that will make you feel like you’re in another era. Hiking, horseback riding and swimming some of the many activities that you could participate in. Homemade delicacies await your palate. (All year round)
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The ten simple yet beautifully-built accommodations of Celini Suites are perfect for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the splendours of Evia from above. Breathtaking views over the southern Euboean gulf and mountain breezes. Offers traditional food and handmade wine.
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A wonderful hotel in Rovies, Northern Evia, on a plot full in olive trees. Activities include olive harvesting, hiking, weaving, mountain climbing and bird watching. Great local breakfasts with homemade pies, breads and jams!
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Timeless romance set amidst a green garden and sprawling vineyards of the Montofoli Estate make guests feel as though they’ve stepped into a private and privileged world. Wine tours and complimentary tastings are offered to guests as well as groups.(All year round)
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Nestled in the natural cornucopia of north eastern Evia, Pappades Village is an ideal base for exploring the rich, natural landscape of the area. Explorers can easily venture through the Nileas River and gorge, Drimonas waterfall and kilometres of forest all around.
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This cozy hotel with 18 spacious rooms offers a myriad of activities such as sailing, diving, hiking, cycling, climbing, horseback riding and more. You must of course visit the healing hot springs of Aidipsos, famous for their health benefits.
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Staying in one of these traditional rooms overlooking the charming town of Limni is an ideal way to experience the beauty of northern Evia up close and personal.
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