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Agnantio, which in Greek means looking from above, is the name of this superb little guesthouse with three lucky studios. Living up to its name, the stone guesthouse is built on a 1000-meter mountain with breathtaking views of the valleys below.
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There's a gorgeous village in the Peloponnese wedged between high green mountains and blue seas. In it you'll find one of the prettiest guesthouses and garden estates in the village of Leonidio, called the Agroktima.
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If you've always wanted to take some time off in the middle of nature next to a small Greek village, you`re going to love Epohes Guesthouse with its organic restaurant, lying peacefully in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese.
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There's something very magical – almost spiritual – about the region of Arcadia and its mountains. This is where the Rocabella Hellinikon Country Hotel lies, in a traditional stone-built village that will take your breath away.
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With its breathtaking green mountains, shimmering sea and blue skies, Arcadia is a magical place – and the gorgeous stone-built Smyros Resort is the perfect place to enjoy it all.
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This quaint all-suites hotel is located in one of the most popular villages of the region, Vytina. Take in the exceptional views of the surrounding area, enjoy your drinks in front of your own private fireplace, and allow yourself to be pampered.(All year round)
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Discover this traditional guesthouse in the Mountainous Arcadia right in the village center. Explore the nature and wildlife of the area by hiking through the E4 path, cycling, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, river trekking, rapelling in the Lousios River, skiing in winter and much more.
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Both traditional and modern architecture are beautifully combined in this hotel. Hike and explore the regions of Leonidio, Kosmas, Plaka, Tyros and Astros. Visit the monasteries of Elona and St Nikolaos Sintzas, as well as the little church of St Leonidas.
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If you are into gastronomy this new traditionally built property focused on preserving the rich culinary tradition of the area is for you. Located beside a cheese-making facility, the guesthouse and its restaurant will certainly fill you up with genuine aromas and tastes.
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This lavish hotel is located in the heart of the quaint settlement of Vytina. Inspired by traditional architecture with an eye for luxury, it is a year round destination on its own. Supplemented by the gorgeous views to the mountains, Grand Vytina lives up to its name.(All year round)
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Built lovingly with stone and wood, this five-room property offers homemade delicacies that Mr. Antoniou prepares in the small 'taverna'. Explore the stunning nature and let the beauty of Mount Parnonas impress you.
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This boutique hotel rightfully claims the title of the jewel of Levidi, in the heart of the Arcadian Plateau. It peacefully coexists with the nearby Arcadian museum of Art and History. Several museums, caves, wineries, monasteries and more are close by to enjoy.(All year round)
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This wonderfully restored Mansion was originally built in 1851. Voted as one of the 10 top traditional Greek breakfasts by Greece's Voyager Magazine, it offers guests the chance to experience Greek culinary tradition and old fashioned character.(All year round)
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Discover these refuges in Dimitsana close to Lousios gorge. At an altitude of 900 meters, you’ll find six traditional built houses from stone and wood. These houses have a farm where children can ride a pony, as well as feed and pet animals on the farm. Perfect for families!
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Nested in the heart of Mount Parnon with 6 traditional guesthouses. Open all year round. Offers you the opportunity to visit the area's museums and monasteries or enjoy a hike in the nearby virgin chestnut forest, home to rare bird/reptile species.(All year round)
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Beleiko sets itself apart as soon as you set foot in Stemnitsa. Initially built to house a family, it has been restored to its previous glory. The guesthouse brings up memories of a distant past when Stemnitsa was one of the largest craftsmen's communities of the Peloponnese.(All year round)
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An escape to this wonderful eco-friendly hotel will definitely amaze you. Offers a great range of activities you could do such as mountain climbing, biking, mountain skiing and wine tours. Also, taste some delicious Greek breakfast treats.
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Stay in this majestic and peaceful retreat that will surely amaze you. Located in the gorge of Lusios and you have the opportunity where you can watch the river flow. Revel in a generous breakfast with homemade marmalades and other goodies.
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Right in the heart of the Arcadian mountains, Theoxenia is a great starting point for hiking trails, river rafting expeditions, or ski trips; all close to this luxurious yet cosy property. Once inside, enjoy stunning views to the fir forest and warm fireplace in your suite.(Weekends and Holidays)
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Xenonas Kaza is located in the heart of Dimitsana, one of the most scenic settlements of Arcadia. Built with traditional standards and decorated with original artefacts and furniture, this guesthouse is a true jewel of the area.(All year round)
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