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Kalavryta in the Peloponnese is one of Greece's prettiest villages, and the Achaiko Chorio is the perfect place to make your home while you discover the area's natural and traditional riches.
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Amadriades guesthouse is a traditional guesthouse in one of the most beautiful mountain cities in Greece, Kalavryta! Enjoy warmth, hospitality and tradition and be sure to come back again...
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Built at 950 meters above sea level, Aphrodite's Inn is located in a wonderful forest with view to the city of Kalavryta. It combines tranquility and relaxation with nature and tradition.(All year round)
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Located at the end of the main road that runs through the Zarouchla village, Aroania hotel combines nature with tradition. Made of stone and wood mainly, Aroania offers unique accomodation in the nature with respect to history and the environment...(All year round)
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Stay in this lovely traditional yet modern complex of buildings to explore the area and enjoy the wilderness, along with the monuments, churches, and Mount. Chelmos. Perfect for skiing in winter and watersports in summer (or both in spring!).
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Located in a virgin green land, full of big trees and running waters, only a few hours from Athens and so close to the Kalavryta ski resort. Experience the tranquility in a green surrounding and taste the delicious local cherries, right from the cherry trees growing nearby...
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Finday Hotel is located at 850 meters above sea level, inside a stunning natural environment, up in the Achaian mountains. Ideal for relaxation and winter sports at the nearby Kalavryta ski resort! Built with stone, Finday offers exquisite accomodation and panoramic view to the town of Kalavryta!
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Georgios V chalet is located in a green scenery up in the mountains, 1.000m above sea level. It combines the accomodation with nature, so you can enjoy the green surroundings and the traditional style. The building is made of wood and stone.(All year round)
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History and tradition are in combination at Archontiko Gerofoti! Located in Lakka, the building was built back in the 19th century by the great grandfather of the current owners. Warm hospitality, delicious home-made food and wonderful style with antiques and architecture are what distinguish Archontiko Gerofoti...(All year round)
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This little hotel surrounded by greenery is a great option for hiking, lying close to both the sea and Mount Helmos. Enjoy trips to Kalavrita and Ancient Olympia. Hike through the E4 path and the Voraikos gorge. The area also has great cycling trails.
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If you are an adventure lover one of the best choices is this mountain hotel. It offers activities like trekking, archery, rafting and cycling. Swim in the nearby beaches during the warmer months and ski on the nearby slopes in winter.
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The Oniro tis Zachlorous (Zachlorou's dream) hotel is situated in the dense forest of the Vouraikos gorge. Made of stone, it combines tradition with nature. It is very close to Kalavryta and the ski resort while just opposite the hotel is the landmark of the area, the station of the traditional train going up the mountain!(All year round)
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Petrina Theocharis is a brand new stoney guesthouse, located in Lehouri village.You can enjoy peaceful vacation or embark on tours to the nearby nature and villages. Extreme sports options, like rafting, canoe-kayak, mountainbiking are also in the menu...(All year round)
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Pyrgos Zarouchlas is located at the edge of the vilalge of Zarouchla. It has a long story since it was built back in the medieval times. Later it used to be the house of one of the most profound chieftains of the Greek 1821 revolution. Nowadays, it has been renovated and offers exquisite accomodation in the nature...(All year round)
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