Food and Drink in Xanthi

Xanthi is known for its diverse cuisine. Since it has a population of Greeks, Turks and Pomaks (a Slavic Muslim population residing in regions of Greece and Bulgaria), their food is very original in flavours and spices. It is also known for its sweets, dried nuts, hazelnuts, pastelia and almonds. Fresh trout from the river, wild herbs such as oregano and much more await the hungry palate.


Old Xanthi hosts an outdoor Farmers Market every Saturday, east of Plateia Dimokratias (center of town). This market offers local sustainable goods that support the community, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers. In addition vendors from neighbouring villages sell affordable clothing, handmade jewellery and various household items. This is a favourite pastime that should be seen which captures the very essence of the local community coming together to support each other.

The region also offers scintillating wines in different parts, such as in Abdera, not to mention Tsipouro and Ouzo.

Other Activities for Xanthi

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