Eating and drinking in Viotia

Viotia is a meat lovers' paradise, particularly when it comes to grilled meat and on the spit. This includes all the Greek favourites such as Paidakia (lamb cutlets), Kokoretsi (lamb intestine wrapped with offal, grilled on a horizontal skewer), Kontosouvli (big pieces of pork grilled on the skewer) and various Sausages. You may also come across a variation of Kokoretsi called Gardoubakia which is roasted in the oven. The meaty cuisine of Viotia also features more western recipes that have found their way in the last century or two to local tables, such as Coq au Vin and Fricasee. You might want to try the Rabbit Stifado, boiled goat and lamb Kleftiko as well.

Winter sees more hearty dishes as vegetable soups, bean soups and the like, while fish features highly in coastal regions. Try the fresh fish in the tavernas by the sea such as Alyki, Agios Nikolaos, Ai Yiannis and Saranti. Overall, the villages of Thisvi offer many traditional dishes to sample.

Vegetarians will revel in the local herb pies, cheese pies and pastries, as well as tiganopsomo (fried kind of bread/pie). Local cheeses are heavenly, especially the light formaela of Arahova, as well as others called shanotiri and opsimotiri. The latter is made with sheep's yoghurt that's been aged with salt for three days. Olive oil, local wine and the anis-based raki drink are also on offer. The wines coming from the Askri vineyards are excellent, while Distomo is particularly known for its excellent raki.

Try Kalderimi Taverna in Arahova for traditional Greek recipes, country pies, local meats and good wine. Oddly, this traditional restaurant is actually located under the telephone exchange building (OTE), some 30 meters below ground.


Another good traditional tavern is Arhontiko in Kiriaki with many local specialties including mouthwatering appetizers, salads and hot dishes made with local products (+30 22670 51900).

O Zachos restaurant in Livadi in a beautiful stone building and complete with a fireplace offers a specialty of deer cooked with prunes (+30 22670 32159).


Head to the small Tsokanis Farm in Melisochori (+30 22620 98825) to sample some of the more authentic products of the area. In Distomo visit the traditional bakery of Christina Baba for some real baked delights. While passing through the old town of Thiva you can stop by the Thiva Women's Cooperative (+30 22620 80433) and visit the workshop to sample and buy local products. In Aliartos the workshop of Evaggelia Antoniou (+30 22680 23308) has a showroom with local products that you can also sample.

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