Serifos Food and Drink

You must sample the bread, honey, almonds and sweets of serfios. Food blessed by the sun such as sun-dried tomatoes and the sun-baked ham called loutza are a must, so is the chickpea stew called revithada. Fried fennel balls or marathotiganites are also something almost unique to this island.

Fresh fish, local cheeses, home-grown vegetables and local meats are all of the highest quality and worth sampling. On the sweeter side, the sweet cheese pies called kaltsounia and the sweet almond macaroons called amygdalota must also figure on the menu of the eco-hungry. Honey and honey-based desserts are part of the local cuisine and should not be missed.

Lastly, there are some excellent wines from the island, some with a strong bouquet that will delight. Tasting the different wines and finding your favourite is highly recommended.

Other Activities for Serifos

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