Eating and Drinking in Preveza

With the Ionian Sea to its south and west and the Gulf of Amvrakikos its east, it should be no surprise that seafood is one of the main staples of the regional diet. Red Snapper, Sea Bream, and Red Mullet are some of the most common fish. Shrimp and Eel are other popular food staples in Preveza, which boasts some of the best Gabari shrimp in the country. Preveza is also famed for its scrumptious hand-made pitas with numerous fillings and onion pie (known as Blatsara) is one of the most popular, along with a sort of mushy cheese pie. The regional delicacy Avgotaraho (dried and salted fish roe) is also produced here, and prices can fetch up 600 Euros per kilo. Preveza is also known throughout the country for its cucumbers and tomatoes which are available just about everywhere in Greece.
Some popular dishes served in the region include chicken with red wine sauce, bean soup, baked Red Snapper with garlic sauce and Sea Bream with celery.


Preveza Sardine Festival
This unique celebration is usually held during the first week of August as part of the larger cultural festivities of the ‘Nikopolia’. It generally takes place in the courtyard of St. Andreas Castle where more than 15,000 people have gathered in recent years. More than two tons of Sardines and wine are served free to the public, who can also enjoy live music and dancing.
Info: 26820-25325, 26820-29917

Kryopigi Tsipouro Festival

The region of Zalongou has long tradition of making the strong distilled drink known as “tsipouro”. It tastes a little like ouzo and is made from the grape skins left over from wine production. During the first week in November, the small village of Kryopigi hosts this event where spectators can watch as tsipouro is made and later, can enjoy the drink free accompanied by grilled meat and live music.
Info: 26820-51512

A Night in the Village of Valanidorrachi

One of the best opportunities to experience authentic Preveza is by attending this food festival that takes place in the village of Valanidorrachi. The local women give demonstrations and offer regional culinary staples such as bean soup, black-eyed pea salad and a variety of pies, all made using locally produced agricultural products.
Info: Katerina Dassi 6939-193-946

Considered a delicacy to foodies and fine diners, this appetizer is made from dried and salted fish roe which is preserved in wax casing and shaped into cylinders. Known as “Caviar of the Amvrakikos Gulf”, Avgotaraho from Preveza is made from the eggs of the Grey Mullet fish. Prices can reach up to 600 Euros per kilo, making it the most expensive food product and export of the country.


The northeast section of Preveza is known as Thesprotikos and here women of the area have gotten together to preserve their region’s dietary heritage and allow the public to enjoy it as well.
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