Food & Drink

Northern Evia’s diverse landscape is reflected in its regional recipes and on the plates of diners throughout the area. Though not yet among the oil-producing hot spots of Greece, the olive groves here provide high quality olives and olive oil. Just as the rest of Evia, fig production remains an important endeavour among residents.

In terms of main dishes, seafood plays a larger role than meat does. One of northern Evia’s most characteristic local dishes is rolled fish balls locally known as “psarokeftedes.” Octopus is also prepared in a variety of ways here. Cuttlefish with spinach and wild greens is yet another product of its rich soil and seas.  Legumes have remained an important staple among locals, and the garbanzo bean-rice mix or “revithomanestro” is a hearty winter meal commonly served within the area. Giant lima beans with fish are another favourite dish. Snacks include savoury mini fried cheese pies with herbs as well as sweets such as baklava and the ultra rich custard pie known as “galaktoboureko”. 

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