Eating and Drinking in Magnesia (Pelion)

This is meat country, as Pelian dinner tables love to serve some form of goat or lamb. Spetsofai is the well-known local meat dish, made by simmering sweet and hot peppers in a red sauce, with spices and local sausage. Of course salads, potatoes and bean dishes can also be found. Voustina, a soft grated full-fat cheese from goat's milk is very interesting to try. Local produce includes large chestnuts, walnuts, Konservolia olives, mushrooms, local apples and pears. Herbs and shoots are abundant and also find their way into the cuisine.


If you're in Zagora, try the apples that are based on the Golden Delicious variety. The town is famous for its apples and exports most to Europe. The Women’s Agro-tourist cooperative of Zagora (founded in 1993) offers traditional food, sweets, drinks, dried plants and more.


On the southwest tip of the Pelio peninsula, Trikeri and its small island across the coast are known for their Kromdokloura (onion feta pies) and Spetsofai (country sausage, tomato and green pepper medley). Also noteworthy is the women's cooperative of Trikeri which offers local products such as preserves and more. Beside Trikeri is Agia Kyriaki, where delicious seafood such as spaghetti with lobster is served in the local seaside tavernas.

The team at Hotel des Roses offers three very interesting tours that involve hiking, archaeology, swimming, swimming, soap-making, culture and mountain climbing. Check them out:
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Pelion Secrets offers guided day-trips with sea kayaks to gorgeous small beaches of East Pelion. It also organizes hiking excursions on the old trails of the area and cooking classes that highlight local cuisine!
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