Eating and Drinking in Lesvos

If there’s one thing Lesvos is very proud of, it’s the island’s food and ouzo. Head to one of the many seaside tavernas or mountain eateries and enjoy a mouthwatering sample of the island’s wonderful cuisine. Vegetarians will be delighted to know Lesvos is proud of its many vegetarian dishes, including fried cheese-stuffed zucchini flowers (Lesvos’ local zucchini variety is called sfouggato), juicy beets covered in garlic sauce, sautéed fresh organic green beans drizzled with organic extra-virgin olive oil, grilled zucchini and eggplant covered in local cheeses and garlic sauce and fresh bread baked in stone ovens.

As you stroll around the island’s many quaint villages, taste the many local cheeses such as graviera, wonderful honey varieties, and organic extra-virgin olive oil. Greece’s trademark alcoholic drink hails from Lesvos, so go to Plomari Town to sample Lesvos’ famous Plomari Ouzo straight from the source. Stop by one of the many tavernas and have a glass of ouzo then go to one of the many distilleries in the town and see for yourself how this drink is made. If you’re not a vegetarian, couple your ouzo with some sardines from Kalloni Bay – they’re exported everywhere.

Other Activities for Lesvos

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