Eating & Drinking in Lefkada

Lefkada’s known for a variety of mouthwatering local products, dishes and wines. Vegetarians will feel especially welcome here, as there are appetizers and main courses that not only satisfy your dietary restrictions, but will give you no choice but to ask for seconds and thirds.

Lefkada’s honey, extra virgin olive oil pressed from local olive groves, citrus fruits and almonds are known throughout the region to be of the finest quality. Incorporate honey in your breakfast along with rusks and you’ll fall in love with a traditional island breakfast dish. At lunchtime, be sure to visit one of the many excellent local tavernas by the sea or in the mountains and order “kouloura” – a type of cheese pie made with hand-rolled fillo pastry, feta cheese and olive oil. Make it a point to sample Lefkada’s Eglouvi lentils – they’re world-famous and a local specialty. For dessert, you have a variety of locally grown fruit to choose from as well as traditional Lefkadan sweets. Ladopita or olive oil cake is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike and is made with olive oil, syrup and sugar.


Of course, there are lots of fresh fish dishes for those who enjoy seafood, so ask the chefs which dish is the day’s special. You’ll often stumble upon fishermen selling the day’s catch to tavern owners.Wine lovers won’t feel left out – in fact, Lefkada’s famous for its prize-winning wines and the island’s mouth-watering varieties have been documented in literature since Antiquity. If you’d love to sample one of the finest and rarest wines in the Ionian islands, ask for the dark red barzamino variety. Initially imported and grown by the Venetians in 1684, you can visit wineries and vineyards that cultivate these grapes around Karia, Sfakiotion, Ellomenou and Apollonion villages. Of course a number of other excellent varieties are also available, including white wines which will leave you craving for more.

This vineyard and winery is open to the public, so go taste a variety of excellent wines.
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This traditional family-owned and run coffee shop doubles as a taverna, convenience store, barber shop and post office. Experience a one-of-a-kind meal in one of Lefkada’s most beautiful towns.
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