Mystras is big on organic cultivation as well as organic cattle-raising. Excellent olive oil, honey and natural products grown to perfection in the microclimate of the slopes of Taygetos mountains await visitors to the area. Nearby Karavas boasts a dairy that produces unique feta cheese from local milk. The local Graviera cheese in Therapnes is also worth trying. Residents of the region are known for significant organic farming.


The Municipality of Monemvasia, while touristic in nature, offers an abundance of good food, including premium citrus fruit and olive oil. Herb pies (smaller ones are called Saitia) and an abundance of fresh herbs will also greet you. You must try the traditional almond sweets (amygdalota) as well as sweets made with sesame and flower water among other exotic ingredients. Names of sweets to try are sweet pies called Skaltsounia or Rafiolia, Floyeres (flutes), Samousas, Meletinia and more. Don't forget to ask for almond jam! Monemvasia is also known for its wines, some of which are organic, offering a perfect accompaniment to local dishes.

Smynos is yet another region in Lakonia which produces excellent olive oil, some of which is organic as well.

In Eastern Mani within Lakonia, the area is known for its cheeses, prickly pears, fresh fish and honey. Try them all to get a well-rounded experience of good Peloponnesian cuisine.

Arguably some of the best thyme honey on the peninsula comes from the municipality of Niata, thanks to the plenitude of thyme in the area.

There is a winery near Daphni in the municipality of Krokees that produces interesting bottled wine.


Within the municipality of Vion, the plain of Vatika produces very tasty early-growing onions, in addition to first-grade olives and olive oil, honey, garlic and wine. The area is also known for its good fish.

The municipality of Asopos has a fig festival held during the last 10 days of August, complete with wine and appetizers. Do try the figs anytime of the year.

Traditional restaurant with local dishes and local wines.
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Traditional restaurant located in Areopolis, offering traditional dishes and local wines.
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Traditional restaurant offering local cuisine and wines. It is located inside the amazing Castle of Monemvassia.
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