Eating and Drinking in Kythera

This island is so beautiful you’ll be compelled to explore every inch of it. And when you return for lunch or dinner, a veritable feast of mouth-watering local products and dishes awaits you.

Delicious local products for all

Stop by a bakery for some fresh Kytherean rusks, made with extra virgin olive oil and whole wheat flour and baked in a traditional wooden stove. This centuries-old Kytherean rusk is perfect for breakfast or with lunch. For a delicious snack, spread some local honey on it for an extra-special treat. Beekeepers on the island supply locals with varieties of honey you’ll want to take back home with you. And they also produce cheeses that will impress even the most difficult connoisseur.

One local product that mustn’t be missed is the local variety of peaches. Grown in Mitata village, this variety is a cross between an apple and a peach and is extremely rare but very succulent. They’re so delicious, the locals insist Aphrodite inspired their production.

The local extra-virgin olive oil is famous for its taste and its organic status. Protopsalti Estate in Mitata village bottles its own oil which is also available for sale.


Kythera for vegetarians

Although Kythera offers visitors a variety of delicious meat and fish based dishes, vegetarians will find the menu limitless in the number of options they can choose from. Kolokithopita me xinohondro is a pie made with courgette and feta cheese, while Louvia tiganita offers fried beans that make the perfect appetizer.

Kythera is also famous for its desserts, such as an almond-based pastry called Rosedes and a variety of pumpkin pie that includes raisins and is called Kolokithopita glikia.

Kytherian wines and more

And of course no Greek holiday is complete without tasting the local wines. Kythereans are very proud of the wines they produce and often swap stories about their wineries that end up inspiring an unofficial wine-tasting competition. Mitata village hosts a wine festival each summer which showcases the white and rose wines the island is famous for. Also try the local Kytherean drink, called Fatourada, made with tsipouro and tangerines. 

This business is run by a number of young families eager to preserve traditional lifestyles and recipes. Their honey and cheese will turn you into an addict.
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The trademark of every Greek meal, this family’s olive oil will make you a convert to the Mediterranean diet in no time. Organic and locally produced with the best olive varieties, you can purchase bottles to take with you.
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Traditional beekeeping methods yield honey you’ll want to create excuses for eating – and for using in recipes.
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This family owned store prides itself for its mouth-watering home-made fruit preserves and baked goods.
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Come here for traditional Kytherean rusks and fresh bread that will blow you away.
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