Eating & Drinking in Kos

Kos is a food-lovers paradise, with a number of local specialties that have been favorites on the island for thousands of years. Although there’s a number of mouth-watering dishes that include meat and fish, vegetarians will be stunned by the variety of dishes available.
Make it a point to taste the krasotiri, a cheese specific to Kos that dates back over 2000 years. And there’s a reason it’s still so popular. Production of this local delicacy began in 500 BC when an olive-oil shortage led the locals to dip this tasty cheese in red wine. Shaped in oblong locally-sourced reed baskets and then tinged by the wine, this cheese is perfect with the local rusks called kouloura and paired with watermelon. If you’re interested in the history and production, the local cheese factories are the best place to go.


Cheese-addicts should also taste the katimeria, a rolled cheese pie that’s filled with myzithra cheese and then fried. It’s then drizzled with honey and cinnamon.Not-to-be-missed is the mouth-watering xysmata, a wheat bread rolled with myzithra cheese and herbs before baking. And the eftazyma is another unique bread flavored with chick peas and bay leaves.
If tasting the local wines is a vital part of your holiday, look no further than Kos. Blessed by volcanic minerals-enriched soil, the island’s wines won’t disappoint. Kos’ vineyards date back to Hippocrates, who recorded the health benefits of drinking responsibly. A number of Kos’ local wines has been awarded internationally, especially the Malagouzia-Sauvignon Blanc.
Triantafyllopoulos Winery and Vineyards are in Miniera village near Afendiou. Take a tour of a renowned Kos vineyard and find out all their secrets.

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