Eating & Drinking in Kefallonia

Mouthwatering vegetarian dishes in Kefallonia
Kefallonia takes pride in the quality of dishes served at its tavernas. Restaurant owners source fish, meat and vegetables locally – and you’ll fall in love with Kefallonia’s products. Make it a point to try dolmades, which are stuffed vine leaves sourced from Kefallonia’s many vineyards. Other vegetarian dishes of note include mouth-watering pies, called hortopites, made of locally gathered leafy greens – this is a highlight of Kefallonian cuisine, so don’t hesitate to order this wonderful dish. Another type of pie which is a perennial favorite of locals and visitors alike is zucchini pie which has a spicy zucchini filling and crisp pastry shell. If you’re a lover of hotter dishes, try strapatsada. It’s a mixture of eggs, peppers and tomatoes that turns into a very unique omelette.

Kefallonia’s local delicacies
As you wander through the winding streets of Kefallonia’s beautiful towns and villages, taste a few local delicacies. Pop into a bakery for mandola and mandolato. The origins of this dessert can be found in Venice, and when the Venetians integrated Kefallonia in their empire, the locals adopted some Italian recipes. Almonds are dyed red and mixed with sugar, resulting in a crisp red-almond bar. If you like this, you’ll love pastokidono, which is a very sweet quince paste. Cheese-lovers, you’ll relish browsing the shelves of local delicatessens, where you’ll find a number of excellent local cheeses, including Kefallonian feta and myzithra. Don’t forget to combine these wonderful cheeses with local honey from the Paliki area. Try the thimarisio (thyme) and anthomelo (rose) honey.

Wines and wine trails
Kefallonia is famous for its Robola wine, and you’ll no doubt understand why with the first sip you take. There are a number of wineries and vineyards you can visit and you’ll be able to appreciate the complexity and difficulty of the cultivation and ageing process and all the effort that goes into making this stellar wine. Vineyards are centered around St. Gerasimos’ Monastery, including villages such as Minies, Omalon, and Pessada. There are vineyards around Lixouri as well, which are well worth a tour.


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