Eating and Drinking in Karditsa

The bounty of the forest (chestnuts, walnuts, dogwood berries and more) make a hearty companion to the beans, traditional pasta, dairy products and meats of this area. The area's culinary specialties include Plastos pies with leeks, olive oil and feta, as well as Batzina pies, made with pumpkin feta cheese and corn flour and butter. Local pasta, surprising wines, excellent honey, sweet preserves and other goodies will also delight the adventurous palate. This can be washed down with local wine, and liqueurs (e.g. walnut liqueur), as well as the strong spirit called Tsipouro. Plot your route considering some of the villages below and go on a gastronomic tour of the area…


The historic village of Petrilo lies 30 kilometres southwest of Mouzaki at an altitude of 1,200 metres. Its specialties include pastries from cornmeal, greens and cheese, tsalafouti, walnut sweets, and liqueur made from dogwood berries.

In the village of Anthiro and surroundings, within the municipality of Argithea, there are local pastries and pies made from corn meal, greens, olive oil and fresh butter. If you like buttermilk, you'll find it available fresh on a daily basis. You can also buy the local honey from fir forests, feta cheese, and oregano.

Karitsa is known for its local meat, cheese, and trout from the Karitsiotis River. You can buy cheese, honey, oregano, and walnuts. Deeper into the countryside you can also try the excellent feta cheese and milk-cheese (tsalafouti) produced in Karvassaras.

On the northern end of the lake, the beans of Krioneri are well known and can be bought from street vendors.


Messenikolas is a village within the Lake Plastira area at an elevation of 700 meters. It offers local wines and tsipouro, village sausages, kokoretsi meat, retzelia (a local treat with petimezi and squash), pontzi (a liquor like tsipouro) and more. Buy local tsipouro, honey and trahana from here. For decent wine, head to Moschato in the same municipality to sample the white wine (Asirtiko-Roditis), as well as the red wine (Limnona-Xinomauvro).

Following the road past Messenikolas one arrives at the picturesque village of Morfovouni which offers local trahana (sundried pasta-like grains made with flour and milk), walnut preserves (called 'spoon sweets'), red cherries and black cherries.

Also around lake Plastiras yet on the southern end the area of Lambero and Agios Athanassios offers local wines and tsipouro. You can by sheep cheese from the local dairy farmers of the settlement of Agios Athanassios.


Meat lovers will delight in Agios Georgios of the municipality of Mitropolis, declared a protected historic site by the government. The village offers stewed goat, kebab, and roast kid baked in clay pots at the local tavernas and restaurants. Try the locally produced tsipouro, wine, grapes and other seasonal fruits as well.

In the same municipality lies the village of Georgiko where you can buy from the gardens of the village fresh tomatoes, watermelons, melons, eggplants, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower and lettuce. Traditional distillation of tsipouro (a strong liquor) also takes place in the village.

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