In Ilia, you must try the citrus fruits, grapes, pistachios, watermelons and potatoes. Manolada and Lehana in the northern part of the prefecture are known for their watermelons, as well as for their delightful cheeses. The Corinth raisin is well known here and had been the economic engine of the area in the 19th and early 20th century. It is cultivated now in the highlands and still forms an important part of the economy, so help yourself to a handful. In Krestena there is a raisin fair that takes place during the first ten days of August.
Ilia claims its vineyards produce grapes and wine of exceptional quality, making a visit to its wine estates a must (see section on wine tours in Ilia). Olives are also particularly tasty here and so is the olive oil that has an acidity of close to zero! Extra virgin olive oil and organic olive oil abound, considering that efforts for organic olive-tree planting have been quite successful.
Oranges and mandarin oranges will delight you, and come early on in the season compared to other regions of Greece. The land of Ilia also claims that it grows some of the best quality tomatoes worldwide. Strawberries are also a prime fruit of the area, especially around Vouprasia. Meat-wise, you will find many pork dishes that are noteworthy, with roast pork featuring heavily during local celebrations.
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