Eating and Drinking in Fthiotida

The coast of Fthiotida facing the island of Evia is well known for its seafood. The touristic town of Kamena Vourla is one of these, where seafood spaghetti and good fish can be ordered. On the sweeter side the seaside cafes of this town are known for delicious donuts with honey – or better yet honey donuts topped with vanilla ice cream. Sweet lovers can try the other sweets on the menu such as walnut cake in syrup (Karidopita). The coastal town of Skala Atalandis is also a good spot for fresh fish, and to be fair so are all the seaside settlements in this prefecture.

In the municipality of Ipati the sugared buns known as Kourabiedes are well known, so are the homemade pasta (hilopites) and the trahana soup, made out of dried sheep's yoghurt and grains.

Around Larimna in the municipality of Opountion you can find delicious local products such as honey and wine. The area is famous for its Mizithra cheese – similar to Ricotta – and good local meat. Seafood tavernas abound there as well. The coastal town of Martino is also well known for its very good Mizithra cheese.

If you like honey and products related to apiculture you can visit Agria Melissa (Wild Bee) in Ptelea. There is an outlet open to visitors and a variety of products to choose from (+30 2236071257)

Visit the Sperchios workshop off the highway between Lamia and Karpenisi in Sperchiada for their amazing pies, including cheese pie, herb pie and zucchini pie. This is a family-owned and run place which makes the pies by hand (+30 22360 44711)

The areas of Makrokomi, Platistomo and Tsouka offer very good local meat from free-range animals, as well as tasty local sausages made from traditional recipes. The vineyards of Makrokomi also offer interesting wines and the aniseed ouzo-like liqueur known as Raki. Kiwi fruit from the area of Kastri and peanuts from Makri should also be sampled.

In Timfristos you can visit Archnotiko, a workshop that has an outlet with aromatic herbs and plants, dairy products, jams, pulses, pasta, wines, and honey products (+30 22360 91141). Similarly, Hercules in Timfristos offers a wide range of local products and is worth a stop (+30 22360 91091). Further up towards Rahi Timfristou at a height of 1,200 meters the green valleys hide some traditional tavernas that offer delicious local fare, including meat and sausages which can be bought on the main road to Agios Georgios.

Where the ancient settlement of Phalara once was, Stylida is now a big port town known for its olives. The town lies at the foot of Mount Othrys near huge olive groves. One interesting variation in this area is the use of olives in making sweet preserves and even jams. These products can be bought online from Odysseia Ltd found in the area of Raches. It is probably easier to visit the lobby of the Phoenix Hotel in the main square of Stylida where such products are found. This coastal town is also known for its fishing and fresh fish on the market, including shrimp, grey mullet, clams, etc. Try also the local Tsipouro liqueur, made with local grapes.

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