Eating and drinking in Fokida, Central Greece

Meat, seafood, cheeses and pies in all their forms are available all over the prefecture. In line with the favourites of Central Greece, Fokida is known for its specialty meats and offal, such as spleen sausage, lamb on the spit and animal intestines. While westerners may not be used to all these meats, they are considered a delicacy by eastern standards. Yet those who aren't meat eaters can also enjoy hearty meals in Fokida. Apart from seafood and mussels, you will find excellent olives, first grade feta cheese and quality sheep's yoghurt. The mountain villages produce fir honey, almonds, noodles, nuts and herbs such as thyme.

It is worth mentioning that the town of Galaxidi produces two unique desserts found in the two or three patisseries near the port. One is the sugared almond sweet reminiscent of marzipan, and the other is a baked rice pudding sprinkled with cinnamon. Both are delicious and must be tried if you're in Galaxidi. The authentic village of Desfina is also known for its traditional bread rusks and features a wood-oven bakery with authentic bread. George's patisserie in Agoriani offers a mix of traditional and organic products, including honey and fruit preserves. In Polidrosos head to the farm of Tirovoli Bros. to discover great dairy products, also at Vounichora which offers delicious and dairy and pastry products.

Overall, apart from the more touristic points such as Itea and Eratini (even if they cater to Greek tourists more than foreign tourists), almost all restaurants around the prefecture – be they inland ouzeries or seaside tavernas – offer great authentic Greek food.

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