Donousa Food

Some of Donousa's well-kept recipes appear only during holidays and feasts, or in local homes. For such a small island, the range of culinary delights is still surprising. You might come across a dish called Aranista, a hearty creamy grain dish that will satisfy your hunger, or end up having a dish of Klosta, representing delicious homemade pasta. Another kind of pasta is Pitaridia, long stranded egg noodles cooked in milk. Souvli is a nourishing porridge-like dish made with whole-wheat flower, oil, water, salt and sugar, a delight that will also awaken your palate.

If you're here during a religious feast or wedding you're likely to see stuffed goat with rice, a delicious dish if the goat was raised on the island's mountains. On occasion, Yabrakia or stuffed cabbage is also on the menu, so is Kavourma, a traditional salted pork dish. Noteworthy as well is Patatato, a tasty meat and potato dish served during weddings, baptisms and religious feasts.

The people of Donousa also prepare delicious fried pies (Hortopita) with wild greens and herbs such as Swiss chard and fennel, as well as with the white soft cheese called Myzithra. If you have a sweet tooth ask for Xerotigana which are delicious spiral honey-dipped pastries, or try prickly pear jam. If you find any local sesame bars (set on lemon-tree leaves) buy some too for a tasty, nutritious snack while hiking. Deep-fried sweet pastries (Fotopites, loukoumades and xerotigana) are also prepared for the January 6 post-Christmas celebrations.


If you like a drink, the local red semisweet or sweet wine from local grape varieties such as voudomato, rozaki, mandilaria, athiri or fokiano is very tasty. Last but not least, the local spirit or Raki is made of dried figs and must be sampled too. The Raki is prepared in October and even served with dried figs.

Overall the island has about five different traditional restaurants to enjoy and a little bakery in Stavros. Kali Orexi (Bon Appetit)!

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