Eating and Drinking in Corfu

Corfu’s delicious food and wine will turn you into a Mediterranean-cuisine convert. The island’s many tavernas offer a mouth-watering range of traditional Corfiot dishes that entice both vegetarians and meat-lovers. Of course, you’ll also find all your favourite Greek foods in Corfu, including horiatiki salad, moussaka, egg-plant salad, souvlaki, tzatziki and taramosalata.

Corfu for vegetarians
Manestra colopimpiri is a pasta-based dish with fresh tomato sauce, onions, carrots and celery seasoned with a lot of hot pepper, cinnamon and cloves. Manestra bourou-bourou is made with cut spaghetti in a fresh tomato sauce with olive oil and chopped potatoes seasoned with hot pepper. There’s an excellent variety of local salads that complement the more traditional popular Greek salads like horiatiki. Roca, also called Roukala, is a rocket-and-greens based salad topped with sliced tomato and onion, olives and olive oil.

Corfiot meat-based menus
Pastitsada, Corfu’s most popular meat-based dish, is made with fried beef or rooster cuts stuffed with sliced garlic and onion. They’re then covered in a fresh tomato sauce spiced with cloves, cinnamon and laurel leaves and served on a pasta base. Lobster is used for a sea-food version of pastitsada.

Delicious local products
Make the island’s staple products a part of your culinary experience in Corfu. Try Corfu’s fresh butter and taste the cheeses (called “Corfu cheese” and graviera). You’ll see ancient olive groves throughout the island and locally made olive oil is abundant and used generously by Corfu’s cooks.
Corfiots are especially proud of the famous liqueurs and fruit preserves made from kumquat, a citrus fruit that resembles a miniature orange. Kumquats can only be grown in Corfu and as such have been officially registered as ‘controlled origin’.

Corfu’s wines
For wine connoisseurs, Corfu offers excellent wines from local vineyards. White wines you can enjoy include Liapaditiko and Santa Domenica. Kakotrigis is another dry white wine to sample.



Just a leisurely drive over the hills of the historic town of Corfu lies one of the island's most captivating wineries, complete with a divine local restaurant, gastronomy shop, verdant landscapes and a healthy dose of Ionian culture.
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