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The island’s chief city of Halkida is well-known for its famed ouzeries; small establishments which serve Greece’s signature liquor Ouzo along with a variety of tasty appetizers. You could spend years in the city without managing to visit all of its ouzeries, which line the picturesque walkways along the Evian Gulf. And in a city which is virtually surrounded by sea, it’s no wonder that seafood dishes are of high standard and in high demand. Stuffed squid, fish soup and a variety of year-round fish make the Halkida area an ideal place to enjoy the bounty of the Aegean.


Central Evia’s seas aren’t the only place providing the region with delicious dishes. The Dirfis mountain range is home to some of the country’s best mushrooms, and the locals know how to serve them up right. Accompanied with locally raised beef or baked into mushrooms pies, these small fruits of Evia’s soil pack a succulent punch into just about any recipe they’re added to. The region’s pleasant village of Kymi along the Aegean coast has long been a top producer of dried figs, exporting roughly 80% of its harvest abroad. Back at home, the sweet fruits are used to liven up meat dishes and salads and should be sampled by anyone lucky enough to visit this incredible town.


Travellers with a sweet tooth aren’t forgotten in Central Evia, in fact, they may find themselves in a glucose-filled heaven surrounded by fresh baklava made with Evia’s organic honey, the scrumptious custard-like galatopita (milk pie) and the equally delicious almond pie. No matter your taste, central Evia is bound to satisfy it.

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