Ah, the bounty of Arcadia, abundant with the gifts of nature such as juicy apples, sour cherries, robust potatoes, sublime olive oil, heavenly honey, sweet chestnuts, fresh walnuts, delicious garlic, wild greens (myronia) and much more. Traditionally processed products worth savouring are the spoon sweets, tsipouro spirit, cheeses and cooked meats.

Elati, in the heart of the Mainalo mountain range, is reputed to produce the best quality of fir honey, known as Vanilla Mainalou. Harvested in mid June, this honey actually has less sugar than other varieties due to the action of microorganisms found in the fir trees.

Also, more adventurous types staying in furnished apartments or with friends might want to stop at the cheese factory on the Sparta-Tripoli road. You will be amazed by all the authentic Greek cheeses such as Feta and Manouri, in addition to sheep's yogurt. On the same road the Ardamis restaurant has a good rabbit stifado, local wine and other delicacies, in addition to selling local products. There will also be many fruit sellers on the road, such as cherries in early summer and chestnuts in fall.

In Tripoli you might find a sweet brandy-type drink with a scent of almond and vanilla called Tipota meaning "Nothing", produced by Nick Biris in 1949, originally devised for people "who reply 'nothing' when asked what they want to drink".


Villages around Arcadia also produce their own pasta known as Hylopites (in addition to a variety of lasagne). There is also Trahana, a dried grain-like food made with milk products, egg and flour which is reconstituted into a hearty soup. There are excellent cheeses in this prefecture, particularly Feta and Mezithra (a full-bodied white soft cheese that's not salty). Plenty of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil are used in this mountain cuisine, which also considers salted pork and potatoes of the finest grade. Last and not least are the chestnuts, walnuts and sour cherries of the region which must be sampled.

The central Peloponnese produces a particular type of grape for wine known as Moschofilero from Mantinea. The wine made from this grape has an original flavour, more acid than others. Two villages that produce the highest grade Moschofilero wine are Agios Ioannis and Kastri.

If you happen to travel to Vytina in Arcadia don’t miss a small traditional factory of pasta and sweets. Taste wonderful delicacies such as orange pie, ‘diples’ and ‘ravani’ that will surely tickle your palate.
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On the hills of Astros, near the Panagia Malevi area, you must sample the cuisine of To Hani Tou Kopanitsa (meaning Kopanitsa Inn). The 'homemade' dishes are prepared with love and with lots of delicious local ingredients. This is Greek Peloponnesian cuisine at its best.
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