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It probably comes as no surprise that pistachios figure into many dishes native to the island. Aegina Pistachios are so unique that the island's producers secured an EU Mandate granting the sole right of labeling nuts from the island 'Aegina Pistachios'. Mouthwatering pastries and sweets made with the nut won't be found as delicious as they are in Aegina anywhere else. Several patisseries around the harbor serve sweets made with the nut and they should not be missed. One that stands out is Aikeion with all its pistachio sweets.

Aegina is home to another unique delicacy which most of the natives don't even know about. It's a type of fish known as Katsoula and due to fact that it only lives in certain conditions (which Aegina seems to posses) the fish is rarely found outside the island's waters. The few anglers who do know where to find it keep it a well guarded secret but ask around at the docks and you may be lucky enough to savor this fish that many claim as the most succulent in Greece.

Another fishy celebrity of Aegina is the Grey Mullet. This fish is transformed into Lykourinos, a delicious salted fish which of which only the Mullets that have lived in sunny shallow waters are qualified for and the shallow waters surrounding Aegina are home to it.

Seafood in general is of high quality on the island, and a large number of dining establishments on Aegina are fish tavernas. Though fish isn't the only dish on the menu, as you'll frequently pass octopus drying in the sun as often as you'll catch a whiff of delicious freshly fried squid (calamari).

It is located right on the waterfront and offering several creative spins featuring the nut including Fistikato made with pistachio paste, caramel and whole pistachios as well as Fistikini including powdered sugar, chopped pistachios and pomegranate juice. Also available are pistachio 'spoon sweets' and pistachio liqueur.
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