Diving in Skyros

Skyros could certainly be one of the most interesting places for Diving in Greece. Lying serenely in the heart of Aegean Sea with many smaller islands around, Skyros boasts numerous spots for diving with unique characteristics.

In Atsitsa Bay, on the northern part of the island, divers can explore the ruins from the old iron mines built in the 1900s.

In shallow waters you can see part of the bridge and small wagons used to carry iron from mines to the ships. Near Atsitsa there's another bay called Petritsa with east access from the shore and a very interesting reef that you can dive around, starting from shallow water and goes down to 40 metres. Yan can find almost everything here: octopuses and lobsters hiding in the holes of the reef, as well as colorful sea plants and sponges. And if you're an underwater photographer, you'll be amazed at the nudibranchs, these alien-like tiny sea creatures! If you feel more adventurous and want to go deeper, just follow what seems like a vertical wall down and you'll feel like you're flying in the deep blue. In the shallow part of Petritsa bay, there's a meadow of seagrass (Posidonia Oceanica) protected by EU legislation that is very important for ecosystem and provides a habitat for many species of sea life. Amphoras and broken ceramics, probably cargo of an old wreck from ancient times can also be found around the area.

Skyropoula, a private island very close to Skyros, offers many options for great dives. It is located west of Linaria port, and the only way to reach it is by boat. Visibility is most of the times really good, up to 25-30 metres. This is where you'll find many caverns and small underwater caves with generous marine life.

At the southeast part of the island, the situation gets really 'wild'. High cliffs ending in the sea create an underwater wall that's more than 40 metres deep. Excellent visibility with more than 30 metres and strong current most of the times. Sea caves big enough to enter with a small boat in this area also offer great spots for diving.

Skyros is one of very few places in Greece, where Gorgonians (soft corals) can be found. Tiny polyps form colonies growing slowly and creating very impressive shapes and colors. They usually anchor themselves on the sand or on a reef with strong currents, nourishing themselves by filtering the sea water.

It is worth noting that Skyros is one of the most unexplored diving destinations, promising a great Diving adventure for any level of diver.

Written by Vasilis Trakos

Scuba Diving Instructor, Skyros

Photo Courtesy of:Gorgonia Scuba Diving

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