Diving in Lesvos

With waters as clear and enticing as the sea lapping up on Lesvos’ shores, it’s no surprise Lesvos is an ideal place for divers of all levels. There are a number of certified diving schools throughout the island that will help you feel confident in your diving prowess or simply rent you the necessary equipment if you’re an avid diver with lots of underwater hours under your belt.

There are a number of spectacular diving sites off the coast of this beautiful island. Myrmigi Reef boasts a thriving ecosystem of colorful marine life, few currents, a reef that reaches a depth of 33m and many corridors to explore. Molyvos Reef will enchant you with a rock-clustered seascape with many colorful sponges, while Agios Georgios Reef will make you feel like an underwater archaeologist as you explore a seascape dotted with amphorae. If you’re a history buff, make sure your diving adventure takes you to Lamna Reef where you’ll be regaled with an underwater world scattered with cannons, anchors and marine life.

At Orgi Villa Dive Site you’ll be able to admire a wall dive with colorful sponges, and at Fara Cave you’ll be able to enter a large chamber in utter darkness. If vibrant ecosystems are your primary interest, head to Feggameni Reef where pinnacles rise from the bottom of the sea like pillars and provide an ideal habitat for larger fish. For an up-close exploration of a shipwreck, go to Korakas Wreck where a merchant ship from 1943 lies in the seabed and can be explored by swimming through its interior.

The team behind Pandora Travel, headed by Sigrid Van der Zee who today is as much Dutch as she is Greek, will unveil the very best of this island. Sigrid has a passion for Lesvos, as seen from the different fabulous packages she offers through her alternative travel agency.
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Combine sailing with diving, hiking and kayaking in one of Greece’s largest and most amazing islands. Lesvos is rich in its eco-offerings and the folks at Alternative Sailing Lesvos will do an excellent job of unveiling the island’s beauty.
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