Cycling in Rethymnon

Wonderful opportunities lie in wait for the keen cyclist, with the Amari valley especially suited to this form or transport and recreation. If you haven’t brought your own bike with you, there are plenty of places - especially Rethymnon itself - where you can hire one for the day, or for the duration of your stay.


There are some very long and winding roads in this region, and the level of difficulty should be obtained before embarking. The Amari valley itself is a splendid place for those who enjoy a bit of exercise in an exceptionally scenic environment, but far tougher routes are available for the more experienced cyclist. Due to Crete's mountainous nature, if one were to start on the south coast, it is uphill all the way to villages such as Selia, from where one has numerous options and some very difficult climbs indeed.

Tours and bike rentals may be arranged through Olympic Bike Travel

In olympic bike travel can rent a bike. Enjoy an organized tour in the region of Rethymno.
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