Cycling in Ioannina

Challenging mountain trails, winding riverside routes and leisurely village strolls are just a few of the many cycling options that the region of Ioannina has to offer. Bike rental and cycling tours are available throughout Ioannina and if you’d prefer to go it alone, there are several well-marked trails to enjoy!
Meligi – Kostaniani Distance: 25 klm.
Cyclers begin their journey from the village of Meligi and continue northward towards the spectacular archaeological site of the Oracle of Dodona. The site is certainly worth a small detour and bikers will continue afterwards past the village of Mandres and onward towards Kostaniani.


Aoos Lake Distance: 32 klm.
This route nearly encircles the artificial lake of Aoos and takes riders on a unique journey through some of the area’s most scenic parts. The path begins and ends at two locations along the main road connecting Metsovo to Milias.
Vasiliko – Kefalovriso Distance: 17.5 klm.
Thrill-seekers will appreciate this route up through Mount Douskon until the village of Pogoniskos. From there the trail turns southwards down through the Gormos valley until reaching the town of Kefalovriso. Along the way, bikers may spot one of several species of large raptors as well as the occasional wild boar or two.  

If you’re looking for an exciting way to experience the beautiful scenery Ioannina has to offer, the experienced guides of Alpine Zone are here to get your blood pumping!
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The trained professionals of Via Natura are waiting to get your heart pounding, whether by rappelling down rocky mountains, white water rafting or kayaking down one of many rivers, or sailing through the air on a zip line.
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If you are an adventure lover and fond of rafting and kayaking, Active Nature is a great option. Explore the area and the rivers of Voidomati and Araxthos in the areas of Zagorohoria and Tzoumerka.
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Compass adventures represents a well-trained team for discovering the region of Zagori. Explore the Pindos mountain range and climb the famous Mt. Olympus. Organizes trekking, mountain biking and ski tours.
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Hike and bike on the Ionian Islands and the region of Epirus with a Dutch-Greek team of nature lovers and experts. English, French, Italian, German and of course Dutch are spoken! A great way to discover this amazing part of Greece.
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Discover the wild beauty of the landscapes in Epirus. Explore the Vikos gorge and the Ziros Lake. Offers activities such as rafting, trekking, sea kayaking and mountain biking.All the trips are conducted by highly trained staff who respect the environment.
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