Cycling in Herakleion (Crete)

There are so many places one can cycle in this nomos, but for the real enthusiast, trips up to the eastern side of the Psiloritis (Ida) range of mountains, can be both challenging and rewarding. As with hiking, the roads are quiet enough to ride practically undisturbed, in the foothills, and the area around the southern side of Ida, makes for especially fine cyling. Some trips with distance and elevation are listed below and are supplied courtesy of ‘Cycling Kreta’:

Kapetaniana-Koudoumas ~ Distance 34,5 km ~ Elevation gain1380m
Heraklion -Xiloria- Dafnes ~ Distance 16,3 km ~ Elevation gain 400m
Gazi-Sarxos ~ Distance 14,2km ~ Elevation gain 262m
Malia-Krasi-Mohos-Stalidha ~ Distance 29,5km ~ Elevation gain 876m
Avdou-Kera-Apotyposi ~ Distance 15,5km ~ Elevation gain 820m

Bicycle shops:  

If you are a mountain bike lover or cycling is part of your life, then Crete is the place to be. Tsibtagakis' bikes is one choice you should definitely check.
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A wonderful bicycle shop in Malia which is being run by Mr. Antonis Anastasakis. There you can buy any kind of bicycle you wish for beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Experts.Also, offers other activities such as fishing and camping.
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It's a fast growing company in Herakleion that sells bikes and all the necessary equipment.It also repairs them.
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In the adjacent nomos of Rethymnon, ‘Olympic Bike’ run tours through Herakleion so discover cycling in Crete on their fascinating mountain bike tours in order to learn more about the landscape, culture and the people who inhabit this fantastic Island.
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