Cycling in Corfu

Corfu is a popular destination for cyclists, attracting over 6000 enthusiasts each year who roam the island’s sprawling road network as a way of getting a taste of authentic Corfu. Bike paths leading to ancient olive groves, sleepy villages and intriguing monasteries offer another view of this beautiful island that is often overshadowed by the busier tourist attractions and destinations. Cyclists experience the more traditional treasures the island is so proud of as they stumble upon vibrant village coffee-shops, quiet churches, quaint tavernas known only to locals and beautiful secluded bays.


A number of interesting areas can be visited as part of a bike tour or cycling holiday, including Lake Korission, Ropa Valley, Mount Pantokrator, Paleokastritsa as well as the myriads of traditional villages that dot the island.

Cycling tours of the island can take laid-back family-friendly routes or consist of more challenging destinations for mountain-bikers. As with any sport, always take all protective measures and be aware of the irregular winding roads, potholes and slippery conditions created by fallen olives in the streets.

The Corfu Mountainbike Shop has a long history of providing organised eco-friendly cycling and mountain biking holidays.
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Hike and bike on the Ionian Islands and the region of Epirus with a Dutch-Greek team of nature lovers and experts. English, French, Italian, German and of course Dutch are spoken! A great way to discover this amazing part of Greece.
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