Cycling in Crete

This local business rents bikes on a daily basis. It also offers mountain bike tours as well as hiking outings.
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If you are a mountain bike lover or cycling is part of your life, then Crete is the place to be. Tsibtagakis' bikes is one choice you should definitely check.
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A wonderful bicycle shop in Malia which is being run by Mr. Antonis Anastasakis. There you can buy any kind of bicycle you wish for beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Experts.Also, offers other activities such as fishing and camping.
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It's a fast growing company in Herakleion that sells bikes and all the necessary equipment.It also repairs them.
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This local business rents bicycles as well as organizing half-day and full-day bike tours in the surrounding region. Located in Agia Marina.
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Active since 1964 and as an independent company since 1977, specializing in incoming tourism to the island of Crete. In 1985 their activities expanded to the whole of Greece, offering services to thousands of individual clients and groups of various interests.
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In the adjacent nomos of Rethymnon, ‘Olympic Bike’ run tours through Herakleion so discover cycling in Crete on their fascinating mountain bike tours in order to learn more about the landscape, culture and the people who inhabit this fantastic Island.
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In olympic bike travel can rent a bike. Enjoy an organized tour in the region of Rethymno.
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'Wildlife Nature' runs a one day cycling tour across the bay of Mirabello (38 Kms in four hours) and of the Lassithi Plateau (24 Kms in two and a half hours.They also provide an eight day tour, covering the mountains of the Lassithi and Herakleion nomoi.
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