Church/Monastery in Xanthi

This church is associated with the Holy Metropolis of Xanthi and philanthropic missions. They have an Infirmary named “Pnoe” which is located within the premises of “Timios Prodromos” ( St. John the Baptist)
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Located in old town Xanthi, the church is known for having three aisles.
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A must to see dating back to 1845 with impressive icons. It is located in Avdira. The design of the church is worth the trip to see the woodcut temples and “the frescos”.
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Also known as Agia Irini, located in the outskirts of Xanthi Town. This monastery was constructed in 1972. The Missionary Center of this monastery hosts orphan children from Palestine. It has seven functioning chapels and churches.
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A miracle icon was founded on the banks of river Kosynthos which is housed in this monastery. The monastery is from the 11th century. Many handwritten artifacts were sent to Sofia, Bulgaria during various occupations. It is worth a visit to view this spiritual place.
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Dating from1841, this monastery is located at the Rodopi Mountains in Old town Xanthi and is for men only. It accepts donations for its preservation. The left wing houses an Ecclesiastic Museum.
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The church was built in 1835 and has exquisite architectural style. The owner who built the church is also buried in the courtyard.
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Visually beautiful to visit, views of lake Vistonida’s wetlands surround it. This is a small monastery on the Xanthi-Komotini national road. It is a small that belongs to the larger Monastery of Vatopedi, associated with the Holy Mountain of Mount Athos.
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Founded in 1838, it boasts various Icon masterpieces that were painted by a monk from Mount Athos named Nikiforos. The specific icons are of Jesus Pantokratoras, Timios Prodromos, Agios Vlasios, Theotokos, and Agios Dimitrios are all connected to the local history of Xanthi.
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This hilltop church overlooks the village of Veloni. This saints’ day is celebrated on May 2nd , with a festival after the church service that promises the attendees with good fortune for the year.
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Enjoy great sea views from this beautiful byzantine church. It is a truly enchanting experience to view the sea and the spiritual connection involved from this place of worship.
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