Church/Monastery in Patmos

Admire the ancient baptismal font that St. John used to christen the first Patmians. There’s a legend connected to it about a spiritual duel between St. John and a local over the power of each man.
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The cave’s significance in history dates back to 95 AD, when St. John the Theologian fled persecution and sought sanctuary in Patmos. Within this cave St. John received the Book of Revelation and predicted the signs leading to the Apocalypse.
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This world-class and world-famous festival features the best religious choirs and orchestras from Greece and around the world.
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If you’re a history buff or want to find out more about Patmos’ religious culture, then this Center is a wonderful interactive way of learning more about all aspects of Patmos’ Christian heritage.
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Hike or mountain bike up to the very top and not only will you be rewarded with stunning views, but an ancient hermitage as well.
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Built in 1088 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the monastery boasts castle-like Byzantine architecture, with a turreted outer wall and stunning courtyard. Once inside visit the beautiful Cathedral.
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Founded in 1713 by Makarios Kalogeras, a native of Patmos who had studied at Constantinople’s Seminary, the Patmiada Seminary became a beacon for theologians and scholars in the region.
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This beautiful chapel was built in 1775 and played a key role in hermitages during Patmos’ history. Admire the architecture and artwork inside and then take a walk or hike through the chapel’s stunning natural surroundings.
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