Messinia Religious / Spiritual

Νotable monasteries and churches in Messinia:

·         Monastery of the nuns in Kalamata
·         Monastery of Dimiova and the churches in Kalamata
·         Church of Agios Antonios at Alagonia
·         Monastery of Faneromeni in Kardamili
·         Monastery of Katsimikana in Kyparissia
·         Byzantine Church of Agios Dimitrios in Messini
·         Byzantine churches in Petalidi
·         Monastery of Agios Christoforos and churches in Filiatra
·         Church of Prophet Elias in Gargaliani
·         Churches in Meligalas
·         Monastery of Agios Ioannis, Monastery of Hrissokellaria and Church of Panagia Eleistra in Koroni
·         Church of Panagia Sgrapa in Pylos
·         Monastery of Panagia Androubevitsa in Kardamyli
          Monastery of Androussa


Also known as Vourkano, this monastery is located on one of the holiest areas of ancient times. It is placed on a mountain on the ancient site of Ithomi, standing out and looking all over the plains.
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Only 7 kilometres away from Kalamata, this monastery is over 300 years old, founded in 1697. There used to be a tower which was destroyed over 100 years ago.
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