Church/Monastery in Kefallonia

This 17th C. church is a must-see. Beautiful architecture and icons create a very unique atmosphere for visitors and worshippers alike. Admire the one-of-a-kind altar as you tour the church.
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Founded in 1759 this stunning, one-of-a-kind monastery is famous for its lush gardens, beautiful views of Kefallonia’s incredible sunsets as well as how it’s perched on the edge of a dramatic white cliff. To get in, simply push open the front gate and then look for Father Efsevio who’ll unlock the chapel for you.
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Combine sight-seeing with a walk through a beautiful forest and thick olive groves by exploring this monastery. Founded in 1600, you’ll admire its ornate floor decorations and a stunning icon of the Virgin Mary called Platitera ton Ouranon. Call ahead for a tour and to gain entry.
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Visit this beautiful monastery as you also explore the nearby countryside. Within the monastery itself you’ll be able to admire the many stunning murals and manuscripts the monastery is very proud of.
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Ask for directions to this little cave that houses a small chapel commemorating St. Gerasimos’ time in the cave. In an attempt to live an ascetic and spiritual life, he meditated and studied in this cave. If you explore the cave, you’ll get to a tiny gap in the rock wall that will give you beautiful views of the Ionian.
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St. Gerasimos, the patron saint of Kefallonia, was a highly educated man from a wealthy family who came to Kefallonia in 1555 after spending time in Jerusalem. He founded this monastery to honor the Virgin Mary and called it New Jerusalem. His body, a relic, lies within. Admire the monastery’s stunning architecture and the many trees the saint planted.
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Located outside Kefallonia’s capital, this church plays a vital role in the locals’ religious life. Once a year, priests carry the church’s prized icon across the bridge and through Argostoli’s many winding streets.
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